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In Empire Ascendant there is those 3 models iirc.


When it was first include as a standalone building (I mean not as a part of another building like a cc) it was as a starting unit on some maps.

It's now also a civic structure where we can train some weird mercenaries for mace, spart, athen. So a civic structure with military purpose.

So result:

- generic stoa (hellenic_stoa.xml) placed on some maps

- {civ}_royal_stoa.xml which as the Hellenic Royal Stoa ought to be unique and used by only one civ.

In DE, if I am not wrong, it is a special starting structure providing bonus.

Should that really be a every game structure or kept for special ones? Should all the models be kept? Should there be something call "Royal Stoa"?


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Well I think that if it is kept in the game, it should at least be used for its actual purpose: a primarily commercial one.  Shields are all well and good, but it might be better served having merchant stalls or places for artists.  Not to forget as well, the Stoa was an important site for philosophic schools such as Stoicism.  I would definitely remove it from Sparta though.

A number of gameplay purposes could be drawn from this: it could increase merchant output if by a market for one.  

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I had posted that in a private forum section:

On 1/9/2017 at 6:21 PM, fatherbushido said:

We have a scenario/atlas stoa (other/hellenic_stoa) and a bigger (template_structure_civic_hellenic_royal_stoa.xml -> athen_royal_stoa, mace_royal_stoa, spart_royal_stoa). (The respective actors are special/greek_stoa.xml and special/greek_stoa_great.xml)

In fact the royal stoa is a specific Athenian stoa.

Could we rename the templates (and the name)? Just 'stoa' or 'great_stoa'?

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On 4/25/2020 at 1:39 PM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:




Indeed. The Royal Stoa has been problematic for a while, both for gameplay and historicity. 



You could add uniques actualizations to the royal stoa. Stoicism explains our belief that buildings are more than just bricks and mortar. Buildings should be practical, protective, and inspirational. Upgrades should improve the armor or damage of units within the territory (like the Romans perhaps) or or add a bonus like the pyramid kushites only to metal workers (silver owls)

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