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2 computers in the same house doesn'T online

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Hi everyone,

Me and my son are trying to play together in the lobby, but if one of us is hosting a game, the other person can't join. We can both join anybody's game, but it's weird that we can't connect to each other when one of us is hosting (I want to practice with him vs bots at the beginning).

Thanks for helping us 

_RCF_Diamond and Vagabond_NighT (my son)

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If I understand correctly

A, B are in the same home

A wants to host on the lobby for C & D to join.

B wants to join A.

According to @user1 that scenario isn't possible but maybe it can be done using the game's console.

For now the only way for A, B, C, D to play together is for C or D to host.

Or for B to be on another network like 4G or guest

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