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Why you should believe in GOAT

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Dizaka, MICKY, PhyZic vs. bbleft, Palaiologos, Mord

We first failed to defend MICKY and he got steamrolled without any resistance (resigned instantly). Some minutes later I failed to protect Dizaka's base and he also took some damage. I told him we are still winning, eventho it was 1.5 vs 3 now. But he didn't believe, called my Cav a "headless chicken" without aim and also resigned. Little did he know about the Cav Supremacist. I played 1vs3 from there on and managed to turn the tides with 1k kills and k/d around 4.




commands.txt metadata.json

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Well done! I see that once the cavalry steamroller has heated up, there is no way back. It always gets fast where you need it to be, and it doesn't let a single infantry unit leave the battlefield alive.

It just makes me a little sad to see bbleft or his sons at the losing side. A few days ago, it was the opposite though, and I think I should find that and post the replay too. bbleft helped me heat up my trolling army, which is a different term I like to use for the cavalry steamroller, and then he was free to help our other side, which the enemy counted on falling soon.

I really enjoy seeing the cavalry getting great again. You can feel the regret and fear of the infantry plebs when they first confidently approach you in the City Phase with their fully upgraded infantry just to realize there is now no way back and that they're predestined to desperately keep chasing you for the rest of their inglorious defeat.

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