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I knew about this game for years but never played it. I finally got my hands on it and it's such a fresh take on the AOE genre, for the little time I have spent with it, I love it.

Only problem, and it's a big one, and a technical one: performance is downright horrible. Right from the start, my framerate is at a mere 40fps. Past around 40 minutes of play with armies of 100+ soldiers building up, the game becomes a slug hell. If I look at an empty area, the framerate goes up 20+fps, but If someone attacks me and I need to look at the action to move my troops, I have 2-3 fps, the interface is unresponsive, and I lose because I can't control my units properly.

I think I have a solution. When searching about this subject, I found a post by someone from intel that looked at the game to give a practice run of the intel optmizer tool. He pointed out that a major bottleneck in the game was caused by a function called BlendBoneMatrices. I don't know how major is this bottleneck, but I know for sure that it has something to do with what is happening on screen because framerate goes up quite a bit if I look at an empty area.

tldr: If animations are indeed such a major bottleneck, would you please add a setting to disable animations entirely. It could be in an advanced performance options submenu, anywhere really. Just put it somewhere :D 

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Usually most slowdowns are due to having many units in the game.

What CPU and GPU do you have?

Did you try lowering some graphic features in the Options menu? Maybe that could help a bit.

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