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0 A.D. ''Primus Pilus'' Tournament (I) (32/32) Players


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On 3/17/2020 at 11:54 AM, Stockfish said:



Hello, I cancel it because no have computer :( $


I found very noob computer for participate

Dakara (1700)

my friend want play also 

METAFONDATIONS (1500) (he don't have account forum and he is noob at forum)



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would be more realistic that same civs dont fight with eachother? whats ur motivation @Feldfeld for wanting these specific rules.what if there was an internal conflict so athen vs athen ect.

i geuss yes unpredictability and complexities are more fun so can be more fun if different civs fight but there is as much potential for coutnless possible outcomes in same civ fights as there are otherwise.

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23 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Thanks for organizing this event @Stockfish 

Thanks also for the feedback on balancing  the tickets! There are a many more to look at can you do so ?

@Feldfeld i'd like it if you could voice you opinion there :)

Please link me to the relevant patches. I already agree with Valihrant's changes that are extracted from his mod

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