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cheats - modified 0ad to read opponent ally chat

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Hello, there are leaked info that some players misusing game play in their benefit as they are

-able to read opponents ally chat.


Just opening here publicly as i think those topic should be transparent.


possible solution: (for fpre to satisfy him)
- encrypt data on network layer
- part of issue can be mitigated by providing game hostng on trusted servers possibly provided by Wildfiregames?


- An ultimate solution would be to introduce signing authority service and have only allowed  signed files. Also would be possible to revoke signed data. Anyway the way how to implement it would be more for geeks.I only know that Apple is using similar approach. 


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Added ultimate solution
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Where  is green land there potential for seeds.. You are right... and that is important to point to that... then simply pretending "we have no problem"...  is silent solution leads not to any improvement... 

@ffffffff we can call it cheats, tweaks whatever.. just depends on point of view of course. and of course we get more then these .... maybe more are unspoken yet...

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That kind of cheating should trigger OOS: reading opponent and spec chat, seeing opponent stats, revealing map, who knows what other tricks they hide?, biasing map generation, random civ assignment? stacking siege? messing attack and armor stats? deleting enemy units?

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Well, perhaps the observer chat shouldn't be relayed to those who shouldn't be able to see it. So the part you initially complained about has a potential partial solution.  Partial because it won't prevent someone from reading the chat via a smurf observer account.

The ability to see the whole map or enemy stats is very hard to prevent or even detect. You'd need to change how the maps are generated and use some cryptographic methods in the process to achieve that.

Without distributed random seed generation, the host will always be able to see everything and bias any random choice towards his liking, such as always getting a great position with extra food and mines, while the enemy gets none.

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13 hours ago, ffffffff said:

hey :) u got a solution? or u attracting problems :) 

wher is ur honor

I refreshed first entry of this topic for you... and I want both attraction and solution... 

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Sadly this is long known problem. 

As result of discussion I had yesterday, change to these files should not cause oos as they are not part of simulation state. 

Match network comunication has star type, that means everything goes through the host. 

There are several solutions proposed. One is to rewrite network comunication to use p2p.

Second is to patch host to not send  chat messages to everyone.

Encrypt comunication.

(they can be used all, but one needs to implement them) 

There are tickets around about the issue https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5467 (if you want to know more details) 




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