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Buildings And Wonders


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I've enjoyed all the other "age" style games out there. RON, AOE-AOK-AOM, EE, etc., but I have been sorely dissapointed by the selection of buildings available.

RON has wonders with specific purposes and bonuses: wonder-ful idea.

AOM has beautiful wonders, but no purpose except to win in a wonder race.

Go with the RON model, definately. Multiple wonders able to be built, each with a bonus and purpose.

As far as general buildings, I love the way buildings look in AOK-AOM, but there's not enough variety and historical accuracy. To add visual spice each building should have 2 or 3 different renders placed either randomly, and/or user defined (probably with a simple mouse rotation while placing the foundation).

For instance, when placing a Greek temple you should be able to choose between 2 or 3 different looks based on real historical temples... or they are randomly chosen. Perhaps each look of a building has a *slightly* different function or bonus.

Just a few ideas.


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This is all going to depend on the download size, time to create, and general usefulness of the feature to the game.

I can guarantee TLA is pursuing this with many buildings, but not for all of them.

We are also doing this for units - random horse textures for lots of cavalry, random shields for some units, etc.

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