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Discuss/Brainstorm Ideas for Lobby Improvements [LOBBY] (We need you!)


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On 27/01/2020 at 2:01 PM, Stockfish said:

2) Making a League Mode. This is handed with the first point, and in my opinion is the most atractive point. Why not making Rated Games Lobby a league mode, having a league

                     depending of your rating. I give you an example:

                     Wood League: (-1400) - Stone League: (1400-1600) - Bronze League: (1600-1800) - Silver League: (1800-1950) - Golden League: (1950-2100) - Platinun League (2100-2250)

                     Diamond League: (2250-2350)    /// Here, we would be at 1730 ratting more or less, which is a strong rating. Top 23 now. So, we could make a Pre Master league.

                     Candidate Master: (2350-2450) - Master League: (2450-2600) - Grand Master League: (2600+)


                  Obviously, designers should make an animation showed after each rated game with an experience bar with rating, that is filled or emtied acording if you win or lose. At the left with the current                      league, and at the right with the upper league. I don't know if you understand what i mean.


               3) Giving some insignias: Before the nickname of each player, you could have some insignia depending of your rank, i thought in having your League's shield until you're Master or Grand                              Master, that you would have a yellow RM (Rating Master) or a GM (Grand Master).

                   For example: GM elexis (2741)    Sorry @elexis haha :)


                 Maybe titles like GM or RM should stay forever, becouse it's suposed that only 12 players as much would get them in all seasons. Or maybe it should last just the current season and the                           next. Brainstorm guys =D

Those in higher leagues could be invited into select tournaments

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The league idea sounds great, but I'd recommend checking where people are actually rated to see if those divisions make sense. My impression is that there aren't enough players rated above 2000 to separate them into three or more leagues. But I could be wrong about that. On the other hand, there's a huge difference between a player rated 1350 and a player rated 1000 (both in the "Wood League" here).

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On 13/02/2020 at 8:23 PM, Stockfish said:

- a list of the players and their ranking / statistics such as captured by the Ranking bot

This and a sorting button by ascending/descending order for each column.

[ Status (playing/standby/AFK/DND)  | Name | Current OR General Ranking | Victory OR Defeat Rating | Hide/Show OR Mute/UnMute ]

EDIT: Plese devs, make sure the users data are not alterable by tricky means / not hackable.

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I see this thread now ^_^.

I link this idea I had during these days


Basically this would add tags to the games to identify the language register (e.g. safe-language/unsafe-language-VM18).

This would help giving the players more information about the game and choose games with the preferred language register.

The same concept could be used for other things: like playing style, playing level etc. and filtering functions can be added based on tags (show/order/hide games based on specific tags)

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