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Guide to follow to make Heroes portraits.


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I'm writing this just to see if anyone would like to draw more portrait icons for the heroes.

In the following section I explain the composition and guidelines to be followed.

consists of basic knowledge of painting, photography and video game industry.


Rossi starts with an existing 3d model in order to add features.


then defines the facial features of the subject, as well as his age and facial characteristics based on the history and archetype of the face, this means that it segments the muscles of the face to define the facial features. 


uses different layers of black and white shadows very different from how I do it but based on the principle of light and shadow composition, think in black and white before venturing into color.




the shadows are taken from the tridemensional object typical of the first techniques of painting with realistic illumination elaborated in the Spanish baroque and post renaissance.

the theory of light-dark.



This is defined by the origin of the light or the light source.


the guide for composition is Standard I give to Rossi. was pure commercial.





Really impressive. I made  make a topic with commercial art.the yours is really desirable.

Conceptual art work is welcome. but not much relent right now.

Can be nice finish the Heroes icons.

Campaigns sadly we need the help of Programming team.

so basically we talk about make and standar Illustration technique.

composition is 3/4 or 45 grades from object perpective.

is a technique of portrait photography.

Resultado de imagen para 3/4 photographyResultado de imagen para 3/4 photography

you can see this in google for more examples.


There are several ways the term 3/4 is used in photography. They have various different meanings. Sometimes an accompanying word, such as portrait or view helps to provide some context, but sometimes the context of the entire discussion needs to be taken into account to identify exactly what is being referenced by the term.

In portrait photography a 3/4 portrait usually means the subject is pictured from the top of their head to somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knees. This usage does not depend upon what angle the model is facing with respect to the camera, just that the upper three-fourths of the model's body is included in the photograph.

A 3/4 facial view, on the other hand, refers to the direction the model's face is oriented with respect to the camera. It is called a 3/4 facial view because about 3/4's of the model's face is visible in such a pose. The model is pictured facing about a 45º angle to the camera so that the far ear is just out of view. The exact angle will depend upon the physical characteristics of the model's face. In contrast, a 2/3 facial view turns the model's head a little further from the camera so that the far eye is very near the edge of the face with just a small border of flesh between the eye and the space beyond the face.

A 3/4 view portrait may be the same as a 3/4 facial that is a tight framing of just the face and neck, or it may include the model's face at about a 45º angle (far ear just out of view) but also with more of the model's body visible which may or may not be facing the same direction as the model's face.

The term American shot or American cowboy shot originated in cinema but is now also used in still photography. It is both a 3/4 angle shot where the model is turned about 45º from the camera and a 3/4 portrait shot that makes about 3/4 of the model's body visible. This allowed both the actor's face and the six-gun on his hip to be visible to the camera. It can also be used in a context without the model wearing cowboy attire or a six-gun. (Interestingly, the phrase was coined by French filmmakers as a derisive term associated with the American cowboy movies that they detested.)

Other photographic subjects besides human models are often photographed in 3/4 view which means the subject is facing about a 45º angle to the camera. Photos of railroad locomotives, classic cars, airplanes, etc. are often shot in 3/4 view so that both the front and sides of the subject are visible. Sometimes an elevation is also used so that the top of the subject is also in view. The elevated 3/4 view is often used in product photography as well

the the frame is called a bust shot.

Resultado de imagen para bust shot

there are two version of this technique.


3/4 portrait can mean two different things. It can mean 3/4 length portrait that shows the upper 3/4 of the body, or 3/4 facial portrait where the head is turned slightly away from facing the camera.

but Im refering the angle was this way as I learn this composition.


 A medium closeup (MCU) is a shot cropped between the shoulders and the belt line. Also called a bust shot.


is desirable use Hero actual clothes or helmet. but not necesary.


Why baroque?

Resultado de imagen para diego velazquez

was characterized by realism, richness and intensity of colors, as well as a strong contrast between lights and shadows.

So this mixture of feature are ideal to make portraits(relistic)


is less realistic than Medieval ones.


In Greece and Rome, wall painting was not considered as high art. The most prestigious form of art besides sculpture was panel painting, i.e. tempera or encaustic painting on wooden panels. Unfortunately, since wood is a perishable material, only a very few examples of such paintings have survived, namely the Severan Tondo from c. 200 AD, a very routine official portrait from some provincial government office, and the well-known Fayum mummy portraits, all from Roman Egypt, and almost certainly not of the highest contemporary quality. The portraits were attached to burial mummies at the face, from which almost all have now been detached. They usually depict a single person, showing the head, or head and upper chest, viewed frontally. The background is always monochrome, sometimes with decorative elements.[20] In terms of artistic tradition, the images clearly derive more from Greco-Roman traditions than Egyptian ones. They are remarkably realistic, though variable in artistic quality, and may indicate that similar art which was widespread elsewhere but did not survive. A few portraits painted on glass and medals from the later empire have survived, as have coin portraits, some of which are considered very realistic as

and is less cartoony than ctual digital art.

Resultado de imagen para digital portrait painting


we can said is kind of mixture techniques.

and more natural than other digital one.

Resultado de imagen para digital portrait painting


isnt dificult if you are familiar with technique to paint in photoshop - like program , kripta or even gimp.


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1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:


That should be Krita Lion ;) it's my favourite available for both Linux and Windows nice to maintain the same tool chain in both OS's though I use the Appimage version on Linux it's usually a newer version that the ones in most distro's repos  .

Enjoy the Choice :)

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use a reference.

  • from hero
  • from game
  • from other game heroes.
  • 3D model of human face with Heroes props


make an schema 

muscles that are related with color(tones of skin) or shadows


this can work as guide. to color

make another


take in account the equipement.


make some fusion of layers to be sure about shadows.




you can start with shades.


  • firt layer of shade then second.
  • then use pencil to redefine form and repeat.


  • define the lines or stroke with pencil.
  • add blur the use brush over dark strokes.
  • focus first on  the nose
  • the eyes area...and eventually the rest
  • try work with facial expression using the muscles of the faces.


start to add basic color using brush to color mode.


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On 1/21/2020 at 10:21 PM, Loki1950 said:

That should be Krita Lion ;) it's my favourite available for both Linux and Windows nice to maintain the same tool chain in both OS's though I use the Appimage version on Linux it's usually a newer version that the ones in most distro's repos  .

Enjoy the Choice :)

I use photoshop. im very bad remeber names like that. specially I didnt remember.

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