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Hey Everyone :)

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Welcome, akya ! :)

Though I guess you will not know me, I'm happy to see you around here (it's always good to see map designers around ;)).

But there's one fact I do not understand - why are there so many girls in the English speaking community ?! :P There is hardly any one in the German RTS community, but there are lots (well, at least some) on the design teams and HG forums (just to mention some: Sunshine at AoMH, Ana at TS, akya, Cat...).

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Although this is slightly OT: DO you know what happened to Sir Lancelot and all those brothas ?

Oh, I just can't resist posting this... though it's OT ;)

Well, LANce went to Dresden in autumn 2002, because he is studying Music at the university there. He doesn't seem to have internet or time for surfing there - I only saw him online at Christmas 2002, when he got home for a couple of days.

Now for his brother, the good old RitterWilliam, he was lead administrator when LANce left and still is - but he is at the army ("Bundeswehrmusikkorps" or something like this, the brothers seem to be quite good at music) now and only at home on the weekends. He's the guy I'm working with most time on AoMN.de - talking and planing on the weekends while I realize some of the planned things in the weekdays. Also, some old forumers you might still know are now out of school and have not time for the sites any more (examples: RH2k (sure you still know him! :P), Mensch, Abd el Fadl, Dave_the_Wave, Aurelius and - for a month now - Gerry (don't know if you still remember him, he wasn't that active but was assistant administrator at AoMN.de for a long time).) Tell me names if you'd like to hear wheter they are still in the community :)

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