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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting (Discussion)


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35 minutes ago, go2die said:

I spotted this too he is doing it almost everytime... such coward

do you have any commands.txt files for the matches? I like seeing cheaters get justice lol

(it's kinda annoying to search through the files individually, I'm making an external tool that'll make it easier. should be out soonish)

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On 5/9/2019 at 4:51 PM, jodeldi said:

hi ...jodeldi here (ingame name)

i dropped in here because i want to report a misbehaviour of a player i was just playing with in a 1vs1 match. tomasasselborn .. Everything was fine but after a succesfull attack from my side after killing many of his soldiers and just starting to build a new base in his former territory he pressed pause ---- pause ..... that's it. no comment no nothing. This was around 45 minutes ago...the game is still running (or better .. not running) and visible in the lobby ... i rejoined 4 times and still paused .

this is obviously an action driven by the fear to loose points and the pause method seems an appropriate way to prevent loosing them ...

effective ... really effective. But a bit lousy. What a shame.

Anyway... usually great game ...majority great people ... hf all







P.S.:    could you please add Klingons as civ to choose ;)

Did this to me too :( but I have played him since and won fairly


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7 hours ago, soshanko said:

metadata.json 84.23 kB · 0 downloads commands.txt 1.05 MB · 1 download

here is the replay file of the game that @ferith left without resigning.

he were still in the lobby but did not rejoined and resigned.

Plz take some actions against him.




Incorrect replay file. Report disregarded.


1 hour ago, soshanko said:

here is another 1v1 quitter


he quitted against @conqueron



commands.txt 387.33 kB · 1 download metadata.json 42.23 kB · 0 downloads

Thank you for volunteering violation info. The report will be accordingly disregarded (the player might have found out that it was a smurf account and rightfully left)

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On 5/24/2019 at 10:18 PM, __najimakimoda said:

@Hannibal_Barca @user1

I assume the chat information is totally destroyed after a match is ended? I haven't seen it in the commands or metadata files

Do you guys know if there's any plans to save it in the future? If verifiable, it could be very useful for context around reporting I'd assume

I do not know of any such plans, although maybe it could be useful and only done in the case of rated 1v1 games

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refs #5070, discussions about chat in replay since ever. Probably a good idea for the purposes of creating good memories for the players and observers who were participant, and probably a bad idea because of creating bad memories alike, and replays being shared on the forums while players might have assumed some of their ingame chat to not become public. So it would require solid understanding of the player that the chat may end up in the replay forum. Or some technical solution to split purposes. Anyhow.

Using them for moderation purposes however is entirely different. People post screenshots of chat, that's technically not granted by any policy and may be objected (GDPR 21) or the like.

Wildfire Games does not host any ingame matches, so there is no way to obtain actual knowledge of what happened there. So this ought to be respected, WFG can't be held accountable for that. Only the data people post on the lobby is something that can be governed (including the rating and lobby chat data, advertized games).

If players want that their ingame behavior is controllable by the lobby provider, then there would either have to be some shady backdoor or the lobby service provider would have to host all matches. The latter is actually in the theoretic plans of development for the purpose of minimizing rating fakery. So maybe something will change in that regard in the future. But rating and chat are two different pairs of shoes, the chat may still be encrypted so that it might remain protected from the hoster. On the other hand ingame chat may be interesting for good memories, perhaps the users can chose. It would require actual notice. I guess this comment doesn't help any further, other than stating that there is a ticket, that posting ingame chatlogs is possibly objectionable (I guess people would have to fight who has overriding legitimate interests in publishing ingame chatmessages for the purposes of moderation. If someone wants that, they should write it into the terms of service directly or indirectly).

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  • 3 weeks later...

It seems a few players are consistently quitting ranked 1v1 matches and although there's a report thread and a .pdf list of known abusers I'm not sure the current framework is working to combat the issue. 

Could the ratings bot be tuned to ignore blacklisted players? Currently players like Mativen1983 who quit most losing games to maintain an inflated score are able to skirt around the issue because not many players check the .pdf whilst choosing games in the lobby. Perhaps the ratings bot could ignore the players who abuse the system, or even better add a (NULL) or (QUITTER) after their name where the rank is usually displayed? I know it would require manual input but I think it could help the lobby out, particularly when players are attempting to balance their games or increase their score. 


Does anyone else have any idea for a solution?



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That kind of humiliation from having QUITTER shouting right in your nickname sounds like a fun idea to me. It would probably go like this:


Mativen1983 (QUITTER) is starting to join the game.
Mativen1983 (QUITTER) has joined the game.
Mativen1983 (QUITTER) has left the game.
Mativen1983 (QUITTER) has been banned.


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That automatic resign isn't feasible. Perhaps if it was, it could be used for any rated game and there wouldn't be quitter issues. But having the rank temporarily replaced with a warning is probably something most players would want to avoid. And it's a new idea in this field as far as I know.

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