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First try - Caribbean Island

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50 minutes ago, happyconcepts said:

Estou trabalhando em um mod para o Caribe e, portanto, saúdo e incentivo os esforços de mapeamento para esses belos habitats insulares. 

Até agora, apenas mapeei algumas Bahamas e Cuba usando um subconjunto das texturas tropicais.

@Marcus Brutus Bombastus bom trabalho!

Looks very promising, would this Caribbean mod have any native Civ ?? If you have I can help if you need it.

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Resultado de imagen para cuba space island

Resultado de imagen para cuba space island

Resultado de imagen para cuba space island

Old 0 A.D

Imagen relacionada


I was born and raised in Hawaii, and return 1-2 times per year.  Also, I typically visit the Cayman Islands annually for work, and resided there for a few months.  I will answer this question from those perspectives.

  • Beaches.  For swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving, you can't beat the water in Cayman - it is much warmer, calmer and clearer (no rivers to muddy things up) than the ocean surrounding Hawaii.  The Caribbean marine life is also more docile - you never hear about shark attacks in Cayman and even the stingrays are friendly.  However, for surfing or other fun that requires waves, Hawaii is the place to go

Resultado de imagen para tiburon ballena roatan

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On 12/17/2019 at 7:53 PM, Sundiata said:

@coworotel, something for community maps mod? 

Just updated the mod on the git repo.

I will update it on mod.io when we reach 50 maps. Six more to go.


By the way, @Marcus Brutus Bombastus, just played the map, it is really cool and fun to play!

Congratulations on the work!

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there is another inspiration things you can use. but it need some moddeling and combine with actual asset.

if the ancient from east hemisphere comes to the new world. (America or even far beyond)

they must have a fort because Native Americans like Taino tribes or Caribbeans  have some hostilities if you don't share their cultural meaning or believes.

Resultado de imagen para tainoimage.jpeg.2d285abb6c706b0e788fc956d97c7fd9.jpeg

@wackyserious you can make some amerindian textures. can be included in terra magna as eyecandy.

Resultado de imagen para taino 

Resultado de imagen para taino




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