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Yesterday's two 50-pop 3-vs.-3 games


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I've been thinking we could try uploading more of the replays. There have been many good games that are about to be forgotten. Sometimes it's hard to decide why a game should be considered special to upload, but it results in uploading none. If it goes on like this, ValihrAnt might run out of good games to comment on YouTube, and he might switch to some mediocre games, which would be sad.

I'm not trying to claim that these two games are somewhat very special, but we don't play with original game settings much anymore. These two games are very low-pop games, which has the advantage of both little lag and highlighting of the team coordination.

The player named TDB might not be the best experienced, but he showed a great intention to coordinate. Cesar did pretty well too, which he explained by the lack of lag, preventing extra brain lag. It doesn't happen often to be satisfied with the team coordination and not go all face palm about it. The second game ends a bit earlier because a player dropped, but we concluded that it was over at that point.


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Thanks Boudica :) Couldn't agree more on TDB nice team play in the first match :) and Philip tried his best too.  Now could someone explains what did Cesar with the generous gifts he got early in the match pls? From what Valih shows I see less cavs, and same pop/phases timing as his team mates but maybe I over looked?

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