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Spellforce III wins hands down. It's not a "dark filter" or an "HBO filter", it's realistic lighting. It's the lighting that I strive for in my screenshots that all of you upvote. Now, the Cossacks 3

Ensemble Studios already knew they will screw it a lot if they didn't do medieval age. They know what a failure was AoE 3 era, not the gameplay, not the design, The Era. They could start from there a

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5 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Rumor is 90+ gigabytes disk space required. Seems really excessive to me, but we will see what kind of content they pack into this baby. I'll be really pissed if gigs and gigs of that content requires microtransactions or expansion pack purchases to "unlock." 

the business of large corporations lately round in services.

The products are not a huge profit for the multinational giants.


But sometimes they need to restore trust.


See the case of the previous Battlefield vs BF V one was a political pamphlet that took away consumer confidence.


Another different case is EA SPORT's FIFA and its minimum effort earnings guidelines.

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