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Pompeii Ampitheater

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our dear Colosseum is broken and i am not even gonna try that thing right now i can barely keep my eyes open.

pompeii ampitheater is still huge

also gladiator opportunities, maybe limited champions, 10 or 20 champion murmillos or hoplomachi  who knows

maybe money trickle that would be neat

eyecandy for now



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11 minutes ago, Stan` said:

Anyway looks great :) Anyway to make the external part look a bit more interesting ? Statues ?

Did you use an array modifier and a curve modifier ?

Simple deform and array probably, curve isn't very helpfull in this things because of imperfections at the end. however with a simple deform and array it gets a better angle and lastly a mirror modifier.


Door texture could use a re-texture in the rome_struct file. @Stan` anything possible with substance painter?

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On 11/12/2019 at 3:31 PM, LordGood said:


So, this was super popular with the fans... I think we should really give it a function in-game.

One of the Facebook fans asked:


Is this going to be a Roman equivalent of the Greek Theatron?

I thought to myself, why not, actually?

  • Theatron (Greek Theatre [500 m, 500 s, 500 sec]: Can be built only once. Increases the territory effects of all buildings by +20% while the Theatron exists.

So maybe:


Amphitheatrum (Roman Amphitheatre [500 m, 500 s, 500 sec]: Can be built only once. Increases the territory effects of all buildings by +20% while the Amphitheatrum exists.)

Maybe something more unique?


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46 minutes ago, LordGood said:

They currently train limited numbers of weak gladiator champions

'weak' i mean fast and less armored, similar to fanatics but not as powerful

It's one of those things that armchair historians would love to hate. Although I was a little surprised that gladiators were indeed sometimes used as bodyguards and exceptionally even in battle. But they probably wouldn't have looked like gladiators in those contexts.

Are the two gladiators inside the ring actually animated? That would be really cool. 

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