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Aom:tt Beta - Questions

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Hey all,

as I told in another topic, I got the AoM Expansion "The Titans" Marketing Beta and I'm testing it for the premier German AoM Fansite (that's why I have not much time for WFG and other things right now). But if you guys have any questions, I will gladly answer it and post screenshots for you.

Tim had the idea of opening a new topic for the discussion, and so I did B)

My Beta-Diary (German)

My general impression is that ES did a good job again and introduced some cool news features (some ones we also want to use for 0ad), just as the "Repeat Queue"-Function. Just tell me what you'd like to know and I will post it :)

Fire Giant / Malte

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You're testing it when it's released in *looks at watch* 3 hours? B)

Cheezy, it is released in Germany on the 24th October... that's still quite a long way, isn't it ? B) Another fact is that I have the beta for already 5 day now...

Also, I heard the English language release date is at 3rd October ?!

Wijit - Surely they are not invincible, but I think they are powerful. I had two computer playing against each other today and the Atlantean won after a long fight. I guess it will be hard to counter them in the first weeks or even months, but later the gamers will see the weaknesses of them - which I personally see in the fact that they have only one villager at start and if this one gets killed, they are really thrown back. Also, they have overall less villagers and can get raided easier, IMO.

Tim - just read my latest beta-diary article... it features Multiplayer and ESO (it's German, so others won't understand it, I think) :)

Here are some little random TT-Screenies:



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