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Arkhipov - russian provocation

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Called me Palaionub during the match... Clearly has a good sense of humor... He didn't rage quit when being rushed and even helped his team by sending resources and building ally second cc/fighting to hold critical position, etc. Remember that at one point he had a rank 700-800 which shows he has evolved and improved..

2 hours ago, Sundiata said:

He might be a bit of a strange player, but at least he stays in his own corner... He's not a disruptive type, so I'd say just let him do him... It's up to other players to decide whether they actually play with him or not. I've seen him many times, and not once have I tried to play with him because his settings are obviously weird. Other people don't mind and play many games with him...




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I think we collected lot of opinion. I really don't want him to be "target" of anyone. Anyway he was one of the first who got my attention, simply he kicks me in second if I join his game. So I'm sure I'm not his favorite.

I'm really happy he is starting to attend in team games. Maybe time lock this topic. 

I really tried in the past find anything about this player here on forum and nothing. I was also looking for others for sure .-) 


Let's play!

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12 minutes ago, faction02 said:

Based on this, clearly deserves to be at least 1781...

... said under-rated player who desperately needs points and cant get them with those players in fair rated match :D nothing personal just I wish we got more adequate ratings. in your case it is much easier because we can spec you in many games without being kicked out

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So, it seems to me is that the complaint revolves around him adjusting the game settings to throw the meta off.

Now I see him more as a guy who likes playing Streetball with players who are used to Pro Mechanics. And some of you guys are apparently playing into his hands.

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Hi, Everyone, 

I have played him once beat him brutally in the first game antto destroy d in the second game we were having a war in the borderline and he left i PAUSED in the very second he left and he came  back we started 2 mins later he left again and i PAUSED THE SECOND HE LEFT and when he came back he said i didnt pause and left i was about to destroy him i had 200 elite archers 250 slingers and 100 elite spearmen and 40 catapults but he didnt wanted to lose the rating so he left and he tried to make it up by telling everyone that i didnt pause the game he didnt lose 1 soldier since he left or a building becuae i PAUSED the game but he is ling he is a @#$%ing pig snake DONT EVER PLAY AGAINST ARKHIPOV HE WILL JUST QUIT ON YOU IF HE REALIZES YOU ARE STRONGER THAN HIM AND HE WILL TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING UP BAN THAT ACCOUNT BECAUSE HE IS WAAYYYYY TO BELOW HIS RANKING. 


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