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Hi guys, I see that things have changed quite a lot since my last time here, when was it? hummmm, a long time ago methinks... I barely recognise 2 or 3 of the old staff hehe

Well, just to say hello and say that you are doing very good! WFG is going big! :)

Now, in Obi Wan Kenobi's voice: "Remember...your old Spanish comrade will be with you...always" B)

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Yea, I think I am giving a new chance to that LOTR mod I started with Bugman, now that ROTK is near and stunning us all, my mood to continue with it increased a lot, so... back to my Poser unit factory and back to paper and pencil drawing! B)

Btw, what's all that about currency and donating? What's it for?

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