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Sunday Pro Games 1v1 Development Thread


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Hi all,

Now is the time to use the power of the 0 A.D. community to develop the next 1v1 event.

This thread is the main place for you to share, and vote for, all of your valuable ideas for the style, duration, score system, rules, streaming, commentating, drawing of lots, level of players, awards, etc. anything.

Let's all work together to make it better.

Event Period: Late October 4 weeks + 1 week optional on Sundays at 17.00 UTC

Here are the rules:

-Single elimination, 8 Players, 3 rounds

-The best players have priority to play. You need to be in the room early if you want to play.
-Players are allowed to ban 2 civs before every round.
-300 pop, small map, no dance
-The best players have priority to play. You need to be in the room early if you want to play.
-Players will be ordered by seed, best to worst.
-If you win, you gain 3 points. If you lose, you gain 1 point.
-At the end of the 4th week, If the best two players have the same point, there will be the 5th week.


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 *** If you want to be in the notification list, or not, send a PM so I can add/remove your nick.

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3 hours ago, sphyrth said:

(Not signing up, but I'm curious about the Civ-banning mechanics)

  1. Does it have an order like "Player 1, Player 2, Player 2, Player1"?
  2. Was this system in the previous Champions Cup?

This one is different. We'll match the best 4 players with the worst 4 players randomly before the event.

Imagine this bracket;












and the seeding might be like this:






Let's say you're the second best player and matched with 8th player in the first round. You need to ban 2 civs for your opponent for the round. Next round you need to ban 2 civs again. Basically, you need to ban 2 civs in every round. It's not global. Your opponents will ban 2 civs for you too. So, if you're a player who known with celtic civs, I recommend a third civs to practice or fourth.


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