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Wendy(1705) vs Phyzic(1705) - Team Game

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Hey, nice random civils teamgame. 

i upload this game because there is a player call himself "goat" (greatest of all time -who the hell call him self as third person and that name ? xd) that dancing nonstop in games and claim "passive mod". now there are some players like Decger & @Issh learned from him dancing and claim "passive mod". just to make it clear even a small dance can make a player lose a game because he lose lots of units in short time and boost enemy unites.

anyway this player "goat" was border with me (Wendy).

some info about game u can check urself:

- fight started in minute 14 ( total time till "goat" resign - 2 minutes)

- "goat" got donate from team (2500 resourches) before i started fighting him while i got 0.

- i was invading his teritory and was fighting under his towers / templete.

- he made hero before me and started dancing with hero cav (minute 14) and still lost - @elexis isnt it illegal? sure i dance back when i face dance but sometimes its too late untill i notice - please fix it.

- Macwolf and his ally joined game at minute 15:30 when "goat" already had 130 pop and me 196. he resigned right when he saw macwolf is at my side and his ally neighbor was'nt usefull much.

so Mr. "goat". u can keep call me jewa nd refuse to 1vs1 with me, i know i m better than u :). 


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