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Skirmish map: Volcano Island (alpha 24)


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Hallo all, map maker here.

After making random generated maps it was time for some skirmish map this time. 

Here it is.


As you can see is the same map as this one but extended to a whole new level!


Some players will start at the beach where there is abundance of food and stone, some others at the bluffs where there's abundance of metal and good defense positions.
Search the hidden treasures spread throughout the map to gain the upper-hand with those extra resources.


The volcano being what it is will be in the middle thus forcing everybody to go by water or the shore to reach the enemy.  :)


Be warned, don't touch the lava!


Files here (only alpha 24 compatible):

Volcano Island (8).pmp

Volcano Island (8).xml

That's all.

old versions:


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On 8/15/2019 at 11:47 PM, LordGood said:

@nani Any floral or geological eyecandy you felt was missing from your palette while making this?

A list of things I didn't really find in the actors/entity list that would be nice to have:

  • Coral: for the sea floor, there a many types and any would suffice 
  • Boulders: the type of big rocks you would usually find at the borders of a beach (where the transition between beach and bluffs usually happens). Usually they have dimension from 1 m to 10 m, can look fractured or not.
  • I would say also different sized cliffs but those are already there but wouldn't work very well with the jagged edges of the map cliffs (most probably not worth it).
  • Bushes (no food type) of different sizes the you usually encounter in the transition from beach to fertile land, similar to dry grass actor already present on 0ad but more bulkier (rounder, taller?).
  • Actors for (dead?) seaweed you would normally encounter on the beach just after the wave "shape" the water leaves on the beach floor.
  • Actor wood log (a natural, one not cut) used for fallen trees on the beach and probably in the inner island. I seem to remember some wood logs get white after being on the beach sun for some time.

As for the trees, I wasn't sure what type to use so I went with a volcanic island with Mediterranean climate and added them as a pine type. I used the pine (old one) and pine_black  to create the forest.

For the volcano on itself I wasn't sure how to texture the upper top part. IMHO it ended up looking like some tomato sauce falling down a pyramid of spaghetti.

So, what you think?

Pd.: Don't fret it, they are just wish/suggestion. No need to do them :P

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