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game replay request by phyzic

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@Issh, I watched the replay, that was actually a strong game. Already known pattern: my team was losing on both flanks (all negative kd), I went full scale on Ivaylo_Uzunov hoping that after I erase his pop Havran and breakfastburrito_007 will manage to kill Decger 2vs1. Ivaylo was at 12 pop. (from close to 200) after my attack, but my right flank was still losing. I went back to Lodbrogs base to save him from total annihilation, after that I went full scale on Decger and liberated our right flank from the tyranny of the mass archer cavy [that's the moment you wanted to see]. He had around 90 horses there, most of them rank 3, all upgrades + armor hero and D_D_T_ was supporting him with spears, tho he came too late. burrito and Havran  came also when the battle was over, but they still did some damage. Meanwhile D_D_T_ and Dizaka were attacking my base and even managed to crush my CC with last catapult shots, but my cav army came back and Dizakas siege savings where robbed within seconds. GG



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