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why low players numbers


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0ad has the characteristics to become one of the best RtTS game if not the best of all. 

Imo the direction and objective of development just don’t follow towards greatness. Mimicking AoE or AoM or whatever current games of the same mechanics won’t make it better at all. 

0ad has to have a really unique mechanics to become a really good game. Whatever issue the dev team have, the progress is really slow. Only the Arts side seems to have a continuous output. Outputs that are just being placed in a storage because most of them can’t effect and not much needed in the vanilla.

Multiplayer is fun not because the game is fun but rather the players are fun to be with and fun to play with. Other than that the game is about who click fast and precise, he becomes good. 

Single-player mode is nice in the beginning but in the later part it becomes so dry. When you and the opponent AI finished chopping down all the tress I feel like my base is a desert. 

Again I would say a realistic game is imo the best route to greatness. 

Dawn of Man might seem to be a simple single player game but it’s realistic features are the ones that make the players immersed. The structures are not as polished as 0ad but the mechanics is just a nice experience to have. It makes you think more than just clicking and spamming units. The chance of losing the game is much much higher than 0ad. Modded Scenarios game are abundant and some of them are really torment. 

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