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4 minutes ago, Genava55 said:

Beware of something about the Illyrians, there are a lot of BS around this cultural group. This is because the Balkans are still very nationalists and the war between the Serbians and the Albanians is not that old. Typically this map is the kind of excessive extension commonly seen on the Illyrians. The Pannonians are not Illyrians, the Veneti neither. The Messapians connection is indeed real but it is probably old (end of the Bronze Age), it could justify some mercenaries and regional units however.

Yes, that I'm been aware. Many sources contradicted.

Yes I remember Yugoslavia.

Mercenaries are good for me....

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Surely it would be very simple to change them to Gallic structures.  

I  L  L  Y  R  I  A  N  S Download Repository: https://github.com/0ADMods/illyrians  

I think the best should be to create a common architecture for the Illyrians and the Thracians, mixing Greek and Iron Age traditions. I will see to do a summary of the Thracians for the vanilla as a p

Posted Images




A Keles Katascopos of Illyrian pirates (220 BC). The shields are not shown here on the bulwarks to observe the arrangement of the rowers.
The Celes (in Roman) was in fact a ship inspired by the Greek Keles, ships of low tonnage not decked, peculiar to the peoples practicing the piracy. It was encountered both in the Adriatic and the Aegean. This term is at the origin of the adjective “celerity”, and to put in relation with the horse (the horse of saddle assimilated to thoroughbred in the Romans). It can be compared to the Lemboi (Lembus) and it seems that it was larger and veiled. One thing is certain, it is his configuration of rowers, with a rowing rower. The “dière” configuration is here a simple way to save space, in order to preserve the maneuverability. The model shown here is a reconstruction of Kelês Katascopos (quick scout). It can be compared to a two-row pentecontent, as it has two rows of twelve rowers (48 in all, which are also fighters), but Much more stocky and manageable. This gave around the 1st century BC the Celes Catascopius, scout of the Roman fleet, preferred to the pentecontore, too long, to the liburnus, too heavy, or to the emblem, too light.



Lemboï, later romanized as “Lembus”, was the fetish ship of the Illyrian pirates (Illyria is the present Croatia, with part of Slovenia), which controlled all the eastern part of the Adriatic, The law, at least until the Romans took matters into their own hands at the urging of the razed and ransomed cities, and made Illyria of Teuta (the mythical “queen of pirates”) one of their First colonies. The Lemboi were also cited by all Greek authors since the fifth century as small boats that only row, sometimes with more than 18 rowers. They were bridged only at the extremities, very rapid, 12 to 18 meters long and 3 to 4 wide. Polybius mentions that Philip of Macedonia used about 180 BC. JC. Of the Lemboi to transport his army. The pirates were at the same time rowers and fighters, the distances to be traveled were too short to have the utility of a large hold or a sail. The lightness of the Lemboi allowed them to be hauled on the beach at night.


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Just now, wackyserious said:

Genava55 suggested that I use the Thracian Structure set for the Illyrians. Doing so, I would not want to duplicate the art files for the Thracian structure set. Would it be okay to you guys if I just make the Thracian mod as a dependency for the Illyrian mod. To put it simply, in order to play the Illyrian mod, you have to download the Thracian mod first to acquire the structure set art files.


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I shwre that,mare very Balkan civ.

Same features.



---------about some helmets called Italo Corinthian-------- so Illyrian have some influence in this


Until  lately  the  archaeologists  considered  rather  erroneously,  the  Etruscans  as  the  developers  of  the  Italo-Corinthian  helmet,  hence  its  original  archaeological  name:  Etrusco-Corinthian.  Lately  it  is  evident  that  its  creators  were  the  Apulians  (Iapyges  in  ancient  Greek)  of  Southeastern  Italy.  (The  Iapyges  originated  from  the  fusion  of  Illyrian  colonists  from  the  opposite  coast  of  the  Adriatic  Sea  with  native  Ausones  and  Oenotrians.  Later  the  Iapyges  were  Oscanized  because  of  Oscan  settlers  in  their  land,  thereby  becoming  the  Apuli (Apulians).  Only  the  Messapians (Messapii)  retained  their  original  Illyro-Italian  language).  There  were  several  varieties  of  the  Italo-Corinthian  helmet.  The  Etruscans,  the  Romans,  the  Latins,  the  Umbrians  and  the  Iapyges  were  the  peoples  who  used  it  more,  but  this  helmet  was  generally  popular  throughout  Italy.


This is only for cultural proposes. I wasn't related with my search but kind of interesting.

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I am adding a new champion unit.



  • Generic Name: Illyrian Marine
  • Specific Name: ???
    • Class: Champion Swordsman.
    • Hacker Armament: Sword (Sica)
    • Appearance:
      • Champion: Helmet (Crested Illyrian) Body Armor (Leather Linothorax) Shield (Wooden Oval) Footwear (Greaves)
    • History: ???
    • Garrison: -
    • Function: -
    • Special: -

It could be trained at the docks and in a trireme, similar to Athenian marines.

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28 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

Civilization Bonus for the Illyrians

  • Piracy - reduced trade bonus (malus) for enemy.
  • Raiding - reduced metal cost for all units.

Thoughts on this?

Rush of boats and looting, msy be train raiders or troops in some ships.

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1 hour ago, wackyserious said:

I quoted this article yesterday.

But this is interesting to get some cultural idea.



The most notable Illyrian kingdoms and dynasties were those of Bardyllis of the Dardani and of Agron of the Ardiaei who created the last and best-known Illyrian kingdom.[12] Agron ruled over the Ardiaei and had extended his rule to other tribes as well.[13] As for the Dardanians, they always had separate domains from the rest of the Illyrians.[14]

We should add or separate the Apulians from rest of Ancestors? Or make a kind evolving by colonization and mixing (technology , Embassy...)


Navigable skills and mobility of the Liburnians on their swift ships, the Liburna allowed them to be present, very early, not only along the Eastern Adriatic coast, they reached also the opposite, western, Italic coast. This process started during great Pannonian-Adriatic movements and migrations at the end of the Bronze Age, from the 12th to 10th century BC. In the Iron Age, they were already in the Italic coast, establishing colonies in Apulia and especially in Picenum, where specific Iron Age cultures developed.[20]

From the 9th to the 6th century BC there was certain koine – cultural unity in the Adriatic, with the general Liburninan seal, whose naval supremacy meant both political and economical authority through a several centuries. Some similar toponyms attested not only Liburnian but also other Illyrian migrations to the central and south Italy, respectively Apulia and Picenum.


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The Iapygian-Tarentine Wars were a set of conflicts and wars between the Greek colony of Taras (Taranto) and the three Iapygian peoples, Messapians, Peucetii and Daunians.

Conflicts started immediately after the foundation of Tars in 706 BC over domination of the fertile adjacent plains in southern Italy. The expansion of Taranto was limited to the coast because of the resistance of the populations of inner Apulia. In 473 BC, Taranto signed an alliance with Rhegion, to counter the Messapii, Peuceti, and Lucanians, but the joint armies of the Tarentines and Rhegines were defeated near Kailìa (modern Ceglie), in what Herodotus[26] claims to be the greatest slaughter of Greeks in his knowledge, with 3,000 Reggians and uncountable Tarentines killed. In 466 BC, Taranto was again defeated by the Iapyges; according to Aristotle,[27] who praises its government, there were so many aristocrats killed that the democratic party was able to get the power, to remove the monarchy, inaugurate a democracy, and expel the Pythagoreans.

In c.440 BC the Messapian city-state of Brindisi entered into an alliance with Thurii. The Brindisi-Thurri army had a leadership advantage in the form of Cleandridas, an exiled Spartan general who had been banished from the Peloponnese for accepting an Athenian bribe as an advisor of the Spartan king Pleistoanax. Taranto supported the Peloponnesian side against Athens in the Peloponnesian War, refused anchorage and water to Athens in 415 BC, and even sent ships to help the Peloponnesians, after the Athenian disaster in Sicily. On the other side, Athens supported the Messapians, in order to counter Taranto power.[28]

After 330 BC the Messapians joined forces with the Tarentines against an even greater force, that of Rome. The alliances with Taras and with Cleonimus of Sparta in 304 BC was an anti-Roman campaign. Thus towards the end of the fourth century Rome had become a common enemy for both the Iapygians and the Tarentines, even as far as ending the prolonged battles and causing them to make an alliance

Wikipedia counts this Factions as part of their culture. So are still related.

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2 hours ago, wackyserious said:

Updated the first post and added the most recent unit portraits that were committed to the repository.




You forgot glowing effects and drops hadow.


I made this for borg- days ago, you can see the difference.


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