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Braggadocio (4v4)


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Game: 4v4, around 47:40 game time

Map: Mainland (Normal, Temperate biome)

T1 Players: chrstgtr (1986), Dakara (1684), Karott (1363), snelius (1600)

T2 Players: lou-diamonds, faction02, Ricsand (1402), Palaiologos (1371)

Summary: Braggadocio, 160 "sheep" Roman cav army slower than Ptole pikes & kick off the game.

As I got a raw deal today I would like to explain publicly why this has been my last game. But let's start from the beginning.


This was well balanced and hard classic game. It has many turnes of events.

Game itself begins with the greatest gamble of that war when @Dakara settles his colony just in front of enemies and next to his ally @Karott which will allow them later to hold enormous pressure given at that point by @faction02.

In the mid game you can see many fights mostly in the center of the map and all there where lou-diamonds placed his Roman camps.

At the late phase (from min. 36:30 to min ca. 40) you can notice Riscand's CC being captured by me which forced Riscand to retreat leaving @faction02 alone at @Dakara's territory.
And that in turn allowed @Dakara to drive off the enemy and save our area sound & safe. Soon after lou-diamonds demolishes my last barracks and @Palaiologos raids me with cav to finish the job.


This evening I have played and spectated couple (or more) games. What I have noticed that there is one player who blames "bad balance" for loosing the game not even thinking about his very poor style of playing. This type of players plays better using mouth than mouse - they simply boast not even looking at own mistakes and in case anything goes wrong, they instantly resign.

And when, while playing this (uploaded) game, I had to read on a team chat how that kind of a person has time to type several times how "over powered" he is, but had no time to respond  enough quick for my and other allies requests to share resources, I said enough and had to take action. I started to "motivate" this player to stop playing "by using mouth" and start to play "by using mouse". And this was the reason I have been kicked out the game before our team won and game ended.

Actually it wouldn't be a big deal if it would not be done by a person, who focused more on repeating "how he is winning his side" and "how good he is", than on the game itself. There was even a moment I thought he is away from computer and we are fighting 3v4.

"Braggadocio" (this is how this sort of player should be called) had time to write "I'm so op" but had no time to share his resources with allies. He was reacting after repeating requests several times.

"Braggadocio" even believed in his power so deeply, he figured out he will destroy or capture enemies CC with his "op cavalry" (you can see that at min. 26:00 at lou-diamonds'es CC).

As I was passing by with my little cavalry detachment I was even asked to help in destroying that CC. But as you can notice I refused and run away with my cav far away from that crazy idea. "Braggadocio" was later angry at me because of that. Who knows ... maybe this was an additional reason why he kicked me. Finally after several attempts and over 42 mins success! Roman cavalry successfully destroys CC! But not sure if it was a success of Roman cavalry or Karott's 14 Iber champ cav aiming into faction's CC (see min 42:20).

"Braggadocio" was so busy raiding with his "op" cavalry around the map that had not even time to take down enemies trade (literally 0 traders killed). Worse. Didn;t even noticed our opponents trade.

"Braggadocio" likes to tell other where they are supposed to be and which flank should they fight, but doesn't realise that he is the only one "inactive" playing "sim city" for a while many times.

"Braggadocio" has the greatest (indeed over 160 units at 200 pop limit game) cavalry army. Shame it is a "sheep army" being more specialized in gathering food from sheep than fighting enemies.

"Braggadocio" has the fastest cavalry army but he doesn't even try to save ally's territory from enemies raids and protect his allies trade from enemies bolts.
Maybe because he felt ashamed by @Dakara as his Ptole pikes where on the spot before his "sup op" Rome cavalry army set off.

At the very end of the replay I was focused so much on micro fighting vs Ricsand at his former territory that I had no idea if we were winning or not.
You can only imagine my surprise after being kicked and how I saw, being offline, that we finally won.

I have been very impolitely kicked out of the game, literally 10 sec before we won. Thus unfortunately you won't be able to see the very end of the game.

This was an incredibly rude behaviour I haven't seen for a long time in 0ad games. Especially I was kicked by the person who invited me to this game.
Yes this was very hard game.But this was also my last game ...... my last game with @chrstgtr in one team.
Thank you @chrstgtr for inviting me to this game as well as kicking me off it.


P.S. 1.
And what a weird coincidence: it was a first time I won a team game being with @chrstgtr in one team (I take into account only fairly balanced games).

P.S. 2.
I also would like to thank my opponents in this game (Ricsand and @Palaiologos) that their attack on Braggadocio's fort didn't last longer than 90 seconds (ca. min 18:20-19:50).
Thanks to you guys we had an "old good style" entertaining game. Otherwise, if you had destroyed that fort, we would have an "instant resign & gg".

P.S. 3.
One evening before, I saw on my own eyes (and many other witnesses too) how that "brave Braggadocio" calls another (much better than "Braggadocio") player a **** (I won't get so low to repeat this word) just because he didn't push hard enough his opponent next to his border. As you can see in this replay @Palaiologos (nearest Braggadocio's enemy) ended the game safe & sound donating his allies (gj!) and being highest pop from all t2 players. What a surprise!





Game Stats (ca. 10 sec before real end of the game):




And last but not least - files to download:

2019-07-21_0001 Braggadocio.zip

@chrstgtr if you really want to practise cav supremacy tactic, please check this out: goatissh dominance
There you can see the difference between "sheep" cavalry and the real cavalry.


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5 hours ago, PhyZik said:

You stopped with 0.A.D. because chrstgtr played like nub?

No. Ofc not. Not at all. Just last time with chrstgtr in one team as an ally.
This was not first time he played tactic which was "risky" for his team (simply a nub way) but I never refused to play with him again.
Sometimes I also play like a nub. So that's not the reason. This is because he misbehaved.

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