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[SOLVED] Joining empty lobby (earlier version) - even after reinstalling


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I'm sorry if the question has been answered before, but I couldn't find it...

I finally managed to motivate a friend to play 0ad.


Problem is:

He did already install an older version before, so he had to uninstall, download from internet, install (which he made twice) but anyway, when he joins lobby, there are 12 people, just like when you're not aware there's a new alpha...


I guess this problem is already known, so please help us!

This guy could bring us many players btw., think bout it :')






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Hi, I'm unable to reproduce this problem.

My steps:

  1. Install (old) 0 A.D. 0.0.23-alpha on Windows 10.
  2. Run game, observe it's old version.
  3. Open multiplayer lobby, observe the old warning message, lack of players.
  4. Close game.
  5. Install new 0 A.D. 0.0.23b-alpha  (uninstalls old version first)
  6. Run game, observe it's the new version.
  7. Open multiplayer lobby, observe it's full of players.


My suggestion was to try wiping out the user.cfg file, but that didn't seem to help either, and this seems to be a different problem anyway.  I feel like the installer is being incorrectly downloaded or confused during the install process (or else the game is somehow installed in multiple locations at once).

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