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WOW i love this game already!


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You know earlier i was playing age of empires. Actually the original version. The CD version that came out about 1995 i think. However after i found out more about microsoft i decided to not use windows anymore. Instead i am using Linux now. Im really glad i found OAD. Its delivering me basicly everything age of empires had -  but WAY better. I love this game. I just found it yesterday. Its even working on my super crapy computer. I was kinda surprised when i saw its still in alpha mode because its running without any issues and i didnt find any bugs. What im trying to say is: keep up the good work! You're awesome!!!

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Welcome to the forums! I'm glad to hear you like the game. I think a lot of us have a similar story about their way to 0 A.D.

The game is still in alpha, but that currently mostly means you can get a new and slightly different version from time to time. ;) There are quite a few structure or unit models that haven't been made available in the vanilla version, but there are now several good mods that make use of them. Vanilla is more conservative with a goal to keep the game relatively balanced and playable.

There are still some more technical issues that are slowly getting worked on, the worst of which is currently the lag that appears when there are many concentrated units. Anyway, these issues don't really make the game any less addictive. As someone who has spent thousands of hours playing, I can be trusted on that one. :D


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