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Ive meet love of my life (my current wife) in 0ad!! Thanks everyone!!!

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24 minutes ago, thankforpie said:

Ive meet my current wife Felicia in 0 A.. about year ago when we both were noobs, we were playing on skype and such :D


then weve meet after month as we lived close to each other.

Big thanks to 0ad creators, if not 0ad it wouldnt happen!!

Marring after half year? Crazy, we dont do this here. We even dont get married at all

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I found some totally legitimate pictures of 0AD's gamer girls:






But seriously though, there's even some females working on the development of the game. There were at least a few working on translations... I'm pretty sure I got my butt kicked in MP by a girl at least once or twice. Then again I pretty much get my butt kicked by anyone above 1300 :P  @Boudica are you actually female, or? And whatever happened to that Viking girl here on the forums? Also, we need some sexy Scythian Amazon warrior women ASAP :) 

5 hours ago, Diptangshu said:

There are Carthaginian and Iberian priestess and Mauryan Maiden Guard also...

Don't forget Cleopatra and Amanirenas :) 

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1 hour ago, Sundiata said:
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#SayNoToTransphobia :) #WeStillLoveYouJimCarrey  #DoPeopleStillUseHashtags? 


her* are you assuming her/his gender?  It's still early morning here.

but... all girls are men on Internet.

Resultado de imagen para real life gamer girl guy

Resultado de imagen para mientras tanto en la casa del roberto

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Big thanks to everyone for kind words and support!!



I finally got her to agree to post her pic here, so heres how Felicia looks

To all these who replied in my thread:

@Boudica , @av93 , @Gurken Khan , @Lion.Kanzen , @Robin-hood , @Diptangshu

@Sundiata , @Stan` , @GunChleoc , @Imarok , @Krinkle , @nani , @ffffffff , @(-_-)


She kind of has this romenian face pheno, vampirish smile, very sharp jaw, but not masculine (Tho I dont Mind some Masculine feaetures in women).

Her character is pretty much alpha whileim the beta (or the more passive person in relationship)

She makes the calls whenever we go out or party or to friends etc etc

She also is quite popular and attends clubs every weekend

Her photo:




Isnt she beautiful???

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