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[SOLVED] Map Making - Map Scripts

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Hi guys, do you know where I should look to learn about the functions that I can call from a map script (.js file)?

For example, I have this:

	let targets = 
		Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_RangeManager).GetNonGaiaEntities().filter(ent => {
			let cmpIdentity = Engine.QueryInterface(ent, IID_Identity);
			return cmpIdentity && MatchesClassList(cmpIdentity.GetClassesList(), target_classes);

Where do I look to find this function GetNonGaiaEntities()? I wanted to include in this filter also the player number. :bangin:


Okay, problem solved... I used eval() to see what is this object Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_RangeManager) and found that it is an ICmpRangeManager. Then I googled it and found a list of methods in http://sathyam.me/0adblog/docs/classICmpRangeManager.html.

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