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Civ: Germans (Cimbri, Suebians, Goths)


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27 minutes ago, Loki1950 said:

Do you have any reference for the silo on the farmstead as they are usually used to store corn(maize) which was a product of the new world (north and south america) corn was not known in Europe until well after Columbus.

Enjoy the Choice :)  

This is my reference


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17 hours ago, ThuleDragon said:

if I am correct, in germanic warrior culture... translating that to 0 A.D., we would probably have a mix of woman and men as home defense (militia type) everyone had to defend the home, majority of out of land soldiers were men obviously.  

There is already a unit of female warriors

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So for the little story, this is a petroglyph from Bornholm, Denmark Sweden. Dated from around 1500 BC, in the Nordic Bronze Age.


It represents clearly both a solar wheel and a time wheel (like a watch). The symbol is appearing again but slightly modified during the Early Jastorf period (600/400 BC):




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