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Flora Rework & New

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Updated 16/03/2019

Hello Community,


About This Flora Rework 

This rework originally started for a mod that I'm currently working on, which has now become a 0 A.D. flora rework. I hope this flora rework brings an enhanced and new enriching gameplay experience.

This rework is still in development and things are subject to change.   


Flora Screenshots

Deciduous Forest



Pine/Coniferous Forest



European Birch (Sliver Birch) Forest



Planned Flora


Tropical Rain Forest

(in development)


Maple Trees

(in development)

New version available. Textures have been improved and the birch trees have been added. Also more tree variations added. 

Download Flora_Mod_Beta v0.0.02.ZIP

(zip contains two maps for testing purpose.)





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1 hour ago, LordGood said:

I'd like to be certain the pictures used in their development are license compatible, though

The textures are all taken from photos that I took, and other textures are from the 0AD files. I've sign the waiver, but if further proof is required that these are pictures I took please let me know.

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1 hour ago, Bigtiger said:

Flora Update

* Added more tree variations

* Finished Birch Trees (Sliver Birch)

* Improved textures for deciduous forest. 

I love your work man. For the birch you might want to make the leaves a bit brighter

Image result for birch


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