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siege towers op?


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althrough im fan of siege towers, i think they shouldnt deal crush damage. i never make more than 4 in same time due to:

1. its cost

2. time required to make them all



but i just saw @Grugnas using 11 siege towers in same time (lol) and they literally killed rams and everything before they come close.



(i mean that no matter how many rams or eles you send, with current move speed of siege towers (and eles/rams) they all will die from crush damage siege towers deal.)


its even stronger than stacked bolts and catas



(on other hand, if crush dmg was removed from it, they would still kill elephants almost instantly when stacked)



i think people may start abusing siege towers soon

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5 hours ago, ffffffff said:

@thankforpie u idiot

why u dont start making use of them or try strats at counter before open mouth complain cry u nub

Thanks for concern, I use them and know how to counter.


Still they seem a bit too op to me so i made a thread about it. Thats not crying or complaining. If players will report things that are way too strong or too weak i believe it will make gameplay better


6 hours ago, borg- said:

In my patch siege rams has only pierce dmg, no bonus vs bulding, it's just a mobile tower.

Thats very good start but they will still kill elephants with pierce damage.

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