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===[COMMITTED]=== Hellenic Helmets

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Crest updated so far:  

Enough for today, my internet wasn't the best this day.  Note: Compare how ugly the helmets looks with a white specular while it looks awesome using bronze specular. Tomorrow i'll continue

Hi folks! another helmet topic, this time we show the "Phrygian Helmet" i've done this because it was fast and cleaner to make. Enjoy. Bronze type added:  

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8 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

haven't been considered adding a tombstone everytime a hero dies using his helmet and shield now that we have proper visual atractive helmets.

Something like this:

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Maybe even give glory to those mods using that resource everytime is gathered. 

It's an interesting idea, however that reference is a Tropaion:




A tropaion (Greek: τρόπαιον, Latin: tropaeum), whence English "trophy" is derived, is an ancient Greek and later Roman monument set up to commemorate a victory over one's foes. Typically this takes the shape of a tree, sometimes with a pair of arm-like branches (or, in later times, a pair of stakes set crosswise) upon which is hung the armour of a defeated and dead foe. The tropaion is then dedicated to a god in thanksgiving for the victory.



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So if a hero died, it spawns a tombstone of his armor and helmet? Sounds cool! It reminds me of 'Site of Famous Battle' feature in Total War games, where map is marked after a crushing victory/defeat in a battle. I don't know of any effect of the mark except my pride every time I look at it, though.

It could work like Iberian monument, i.e. it will give attack bonus to the owner. I suggest making it capturable as well, so tombstone could either give 'pride' aura to the hero's enemies, or if captured back by the hero's own faction, give 'revenge' aura. 

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4 hours ago, wackyserious said:

Could work, old head mesh had a special mesh for units using Corinthian right? Are we still up with the face texture rework?

Yes we are still up. Still waiting for the crowdfunding people faces and their permission.

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Saddly i lost the celtic helmet blend file because i've ran out of space in hard drive and had to clean some files and blender saved the file with another name and didn't saw what i've deleted.

But considering the differences between that file and the one im using, lossing that helmet is nothing compared to not have the crest's highpoly files. I could do later the celtic monte bibele helmet. So i will leave here a Drive link with 1024 textures of the monte bibele helmet for art repo and will committ later the 256 helmet to the game.

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1 hour ago, Thorfinn the Shallow Minded said:

I know this is a minor nitpick that is kind of arbitrary, but having a few scratches or even dents on the helmet would make them feel a lot more grounded to me.  If that's too much trouble, I understand; they look great as is.  Just saying.

Hmmm, maybe, but these are for tiny UI icons, so I doubt the scratches would do anything except add noise to the image. 

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11 minutes ago, Alexandermb said:

@Stan` should i use this as replacement of the corinthian helmets of the tech portraits?

Which one ? :) If the one above posted by wow I agree it would like nicer with crest :)

EDIT: can you fix those errors ?

Missing file 'art/actors/props/units/helmets/props/hele_crest_thracian_b2_small.xml' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b1.xml'

Missing file 'art/actors/props/units/helmets/props/hele_crest_thracian_b3.xml' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b3.xml', 'public/art/actors/props/units/helmets/hele_thracian_b3.xml'

Missing file 'art/textures/skins/props/armor/greave_04_bronze_spec.png' referenced by: 'public/art/actors/props/units/armor/greave_04_bronze_l.xml', 'public/art/actors/props/units/armor/greave_04_bronze_r.xml'


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