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Desapointed - How to attract new players to this amazing game?


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I didn't play 0Ad for months....

I don't know why, yesterday I decided to play online again to this amazing game.

I discovered there are some new issues with the server. For some reasons, I can host, and join some games, but not all games.

Well, let say, I can join 50% of the availables multiplayer games... (after spending 2 hours trying to solve the issue).

Yesterday, I wait for one hour to find a game in the hall...

And today, I simply decided... to resign.... Again after one hour waiting.

Here is my adventure, despite the issue with the connexion....

Every time I want to participate a game, people told me I have no level....

I spent one hour yesterday and one hour today with these comments.

I don't know how people can say that about me without knowing me, I am playing this game since 2014, but this is not the topic...

There are about 10 players online waiting for a game, and open games for 20 players.... This is strange, why not complete the opened games before?

I don't know how it is possible to attract new players if new players can't play multiplayer games...

Well, sorry to say that, but I'll have a new test in months.

to my friends, I'll tell it is not yet a good multiplayer game, as you need to know to community to have a chance to play online.

I'll definitely hope some attitudes will change as this game is really really good.

I worked in videogames 10 years ago, and what I have to say is this is a excellent game.








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Hey @camelator

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with the multiplayer lobby. If you have friends that might be interested by the game, you might want to play with them.
Unfortunately we can't monitor everything that happens in the lobby, we simply do not have the manpower for this.

To answer your question to attract new players we need more people sharing the game, even though it's in alpha and some people in multiplayer are idiots. We also
need more developers to improve things in the game.

Since you were in the video game industry 10 years ago maybe you would like to contribute code ?

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Yea, sad story.

While I agree it's mostly a people problem (mainly the attitude of those players not welcoming players they don't know/that have low rating but also for those rejected to be persistent) so less a problem of the game.

But what we can do is not granting PPL the tools to deny other players participation and on the other hand granting players the option to host games that are actually played.

One way would be to remove the kick option but add an option to only allow players that at most left 5% (about 1/(2*max players)) of the multiplayer games they entered (so basically a whitelist. More options like autobalance and minimum games played/rating could be added with a sufficient playerbase - but I don't think we should overdo it).

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A well-known noob can enter into the balance of the teams.  Bun an unknown newbie , might be a noob but also unreliable (leave game, play simcity, .. etc) during the game and make it gg after 10 mins of gaming only.  Coz on high level of gaming,  1army suicide or  1 minute delay in helping can be fatal for the whole team.

So the advice i can give you is to help allies and never resign/quit too quickly . Play lot of games to be well-known by others whatever your level is. It takes some time.


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Though I play mostly SP but for anyone, new or noob if you see my name in the lobby call my attention and I will either play with you or host the game for you. 

I rather play with newbies or noobs than playing tense and dragged into BS during highly competitive MP games. 

I don’t care about ratings too and I will try to adapt to any skill levels so newbies, rookies or intermediate players can enjoy playing the game. 

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