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Athens Wonder icon Slot


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11 hours ago, Servo said:

The wonder has maximum 12 icon slots but has 30 allowable units garrison feature. If you garrison more than 12 types of units say 13 one type of unit won’t show up though it’s garrisoned and will still accommodate up to maximum allowable units. 

By saying that you want us to fix it because it is a bug or unexpected behavior?


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Its just problem of displaying garrisoned units. Thats said player with more types of garisoned units cannot see their icon and cannot ungarrison just certain type of unit but still can ungarison them all. 


Its kind of bug since do not have scrollable left part of gui for icons nor right one. It will happen also if unit can build more buildings as actually can be displayed. 


So it is some limitation which should be resolved somehow. 

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