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Mesoamerican Fauna and Flora

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The most common trees that were in my trip to the province of Choluteca, Do you remember it looks a lot like the Forest in Oaxaca.


Most trees are made up of pine and oak.


Another photo courtesy of me where you can see how it looks when it's dry most of the year.


Part of the earth that is very dust-like and quite fine, someone could easily fall off.


There was a lot of dead dry leaf that appears to be from Oak apparently and from some other trees.


how you can see this type of forest is common in Central America, what happens is that it depends on the climate where you are, if it is humid like the ones the other trip showed you or if it is dry like in the one in or if it's humid like the other trip I took near my city.


But basically everything looks like southern Mexico in the Pacific.


The locations where I went is very similar to where the Hernán Cortés series was filmed.


Here is our driest and hottest season of the year in this part of the world.


So the Pacific area is as dry as Oaxaca in Mexico, it is probably a little different in that they can have a slightly more diverse forest that I am showing in the photos.


But if you can see that the type of terrain here in Mesoamerica is in the dry parts, it is different from what you can imagine from watching the Mayan movies.





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Ficus : more common species in mayan world   http://www.maya-archaeology.org/FLAAR_Reports_on_Mayan_archaeology_Iconography_publications_books_articles/57_Economic-potential-for-Amate-Ficus-

@Trinketos @Lopess more or less those are the most important trees and forests, at least for the biome where the Zapotecs live or lived.

Oaxaca more representative plants. Ahuehuete https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxodium_mucronatum Ceiba. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delonix_regia Palo Mulato.

Posted Images

To finish supporting the information that I am giving you I will leave the following link



 Pine is a fairly common tree in Central and Mesoamerica and I think the variety is quite wide at least I can visually see two types, one that is similar to the one in Europe and And another that is equal to the national tree of my country.

So it is common for there to be oak where there is pine because it seems that there is a kind of symbiosis.


At least that's what the article highlights, in Spanish.


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How can you see there are many types of pine there is one that the shape is exactly what is in the game.

The other is also found in Mesoamerica, the pine is a symbol of my country because of how common it is here, but I do not doubt that in Mexico Guatemala and El Salvador it is common.

Name of the other kind of pine that is necessary to design in 3D and that cannot be found in the game is:

Pinus Oocarpa 


As you can see, it is common in Oaxaca, Guatemala and the Maya area of Honduras.



This kind of pine is only in the new world, it is native from here.




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There are 43 varieties of pines and we present you 12 main shrubs of these species:




Pinus lawsonii – Pino de Lawson.


Pinus jaliscana – Pino de Jalisco.

Pinus occidentalis – Pino español.( Caribbean pine in Haitian and Dominican) 

Pinus tropicalis – Pino Tropical (Cuba)

Pinus cembroides – Pino piñonero mexicano, Piñón. (That one is too north of the Mesoamerican zone)

Pinus strobiformis – Pino blanco de Chihuahua. Another one that is too north of the Mesoamerican zone.

Pinus montezumae – Ocote, Ocote macho, Pino blanco.




Pinus leiophylla – Pino de Chihuahua, Ocote, Pino chino.

Pinus oocarpa – Ocote, Ocote chino, Ocote macho.

Pinus hondurensis (sin. P. caribaea var. hondurensis) – Pino de Honduras It is a variation of the Caribbean


Pinus maximinoi (sin. P. tenuifolia).This grows only in  highlands areas.

Therefore it is not very common.

Pinus pseudostrobus – Pino blanco, Pino ocote.




This is important because it is in the Valley of Mexico, and it is in the Mayan zone.



These are most of the pines exist in Mexico and Central America, Even these are the ones in the Caribbean.





Here I will leave other pines that I found in Wikipedia.

Pinus Caribaea





This interesting because it is in the Mayan zone of Belize and part of the Mayan zone of influence of Honduras.

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Again I went on a trip to the exit of my city, I went to visit UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana) and I saw several things in the landscape, several rocks and trees, and I took some photos of them.






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