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Battalion test mode


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3 minutes ago, Angen said:

currently there exists bugs with both versions (with infantry archers, javelins, ...), I have fixes locally but i need to recheck actors before posting, but it is not restricted to a23b

I guess what I'm saying is, yes, it is bugged with SVN. ;) No units show up in Atlas due to the removal of template_entity_full and template_entity_quasi from the core game. :) 

I'll just check it out in A23b for now. (y) 

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redone charge

  anytime cavalry is running and contacts unit which is not prepared and steady, it deals mount damage to it

  charging against spear, pike formation from front destroys your cavalry

  elephants can charge too (now a bit unstoppable while running around)

elephants deals death damage (for friendly units too)

errors caused by archers should be fixed

towers now have max range about 30 (same as max range for infantry archers)

arrow addition to towers just from archers, javelin, sling

visible garrison for rams is rolled back because rams would not attack

rams are now impossible to kill with infantry (as it will be visible) - use other ram or anything with crush

// technically you can still repair building faster than ram is destroying it

morale of unit increases by killing enemy and decreases by every killed member in battalion

if it reaches 0, unit starts flee and will not respond to attack orders anymore

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@Angen i've noticed your cavalry dies when "impaled" by spearman formation, so just wanted to say that soon will be committed an anti cavalry formation for the roman spearman and testudo formation too.

Also theres another mod with multiple weapons animations including some ready - idles for the specific weapons in one post (i forgot where it is).

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capturing fixed

every civ now has ram ( to have at least melee way to destroy buildings )

ram is "pushed" by garrisoned force

ram provides some protection from ranged attacks

gauls and britons got sword units ( they have sword cav so sure they can have them on foot )

persians got axe infantry ( they can be upgraded only once )

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