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So in the end of this page you can find out how to add custom hotkeys by editing your user config file

This is how i altered mine

hotkey.session.patrol = "Alt+E"
hotkey.session.repair = "Alt+R"						
hotkey.selection.idleonly = "Alt+A"				; Select only idle units
hotkey.selection.idleunit = "Alt+Q"				; Select next idle unit

hotkey.tab.next = "Tab"
hotkey.tab.prev = "Shift+Tab"
hotkey.selection.nonmilitaryonly = "Alt+W"
hotkey.selection.woundedonly = "Alt+S"

hotkey.camera.rotate.ccw = "Ctrl+RightArrow", "E"		; Rotate camera anticlockwise around terrain
hotkey.camera.rotate.cw = "Ctrl+LeftArrow", "Q"			; Rotate camera clockwise around terrain
hotkey.session.rotate.ccw = "Ctrl+D"				; Rotate building placement preview anticlockwise
hotkey.session.rotate.cw = "Ctrl+A"				; Rotate building placement preview clockwise

hotkey.session.kill = Space 				 	; Destroy selected units

Some notes

  • After setting the patrol point with Alt+E you need to release the E key first or the camera will rotate (like pressing E alone by default)
  • I didn't manage to test Alt+R vs Sandbox AI
  • Alt+A works exactly like the default "I" idle unit selection
  • Alt+Q sadly only selects all idle units without moving the camera so it cannot replace the default Period / Idle button next to the minimap which jumps from idle unit to idle unit
  • Alt+W / S and Ctrl+A / D are used for other things by default so you have to clear those things first like i did, if not, Ctrl+D for example will rotate the camera and the building at the same time etc
  • After saving you changes and starting the game all comments (they start with ";") will be auto deleted and all lines will be automatically sorted alphabetically so don't get scared your file looks different when you check back on it
  • In the default settings you will find on the bottom of the page posted above, don't forget to add the prefix that is mentioned between brackets at the start of each section

I hope this helps some people, also feel free to share a more efficient setup :)

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Hi folks!

So… I am using xbindkeys (on Linux) to create some macros that are helping me a lot:

# Mouse middle button: selects each unit across the map.
"/usr/bin/xte 'keydown Alt_L' 'mouseclick 1' 'mouseclick 1' 'keyup Alt_L' &"
  b:2 + Release

# Mouse forward button: emulate doubleclick.
"/usr/bin/xte 'mouseclick 1' 'mouseclick 1' &"
  b:9 + Release

# Mouse backward button: select only wounded units in a gap of 2 seconds.
"/usr/bin/xte 'keydown o' 'mousedown 1' 'sleep 2' 'keyup o' 'mouseup 1' &"
  b:8 + Release

… At least temporarily, since as soon as I find a way to configure these shortcuts within the game I intend to disable this macro.

Then, I run the game for an alias created in my .bashrc:

play0ad() {
  killall xbindkeys   && \
  xbindkeys_autostart && \

I hope it will be useful to someone.

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17 hours ago, 0xD3C0.de said:

# Mouse backward button: select only wounded units in a gap of 2 seconds.
"/usr/bin/xte 'keydown o' 'mousedown 1' 'sleep 2' 'keyup o' 'mouseup 1' &"
  b:8 + Release

that's really impressive. i not really quite understand how it works (but not tried testing actually that). i did som thinks using autoKey and autoCiv mod (see my signature)

what b:8 does? did you tried autoKey? if yes then you still prever xbindkeys?

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41 minutes ago, seeh said:

what b:8 does? did you tried autoKey? if yes then you still prever xbindkeys?

That's the mouse button 8 (also known as backward).


About autociv (and other mods) I think that it would be a solution for future implementations, but is kinda complex to map compound events (and prevent defaults bubbling) in this cases - IMHO is too hard and will demand lots of time to do this inside game, but is slightly easy to remap system wide :crazy:yeah, I am a little slacky.

BUT I am looking forward on mod making - planning to do something similar Badesu and you're planning on minimap - and other minimal changes - to help following statuses of when spectating or seeing a replay… I am still crawling in that direction - I recently discovered the debug mode (ALT + D) and time warp, and I'm still trying to understand how to put elements on the screen and debug player events :punk:

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33 minutes ago, 0xD3C0.de said:

did you tried autoKey? if yes then you still prever xbindkeys?

About this, well… I've tried to use autokey some years ago but didn't work for me as it should - for many years I have used cheap, low-yield computers, low processing and relatively little memory over Fluxbox/Blackbox and in addition to the unnecessary processing, the memory consumption in that scenario did not give me room to use tools that were not lower level.

So I believe that this was the reason behind the search for more performance options.

Look bro, xbindkeys is NOT YET the best example of performance for what I am proposing. Obviously some deviation in xinput and xmodmap / keys or, as we commented, some modification within the mod / game itself. :banger:

…Which reminds me, of course, that the game doesn't support special characters either, so I can't use my V.I.T.R.I.O.L.

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