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0 A.D. Champions Cup

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There is a way to watch all these replays without any mods.

You need for each game to go to commands.txt, go to the mods list ( ctrl+f "mods" if needed) and delete everything that isn't 0ad public.

Then you will maybe need to delete replayCache.json in your replay list for the game to detect these changes. After that, launch the game and you should be able to see the replay.

It would be nice if players themselves clean the mod list before posting the replays, it would save other people from doing that (or from getting mods) and then no need to delete replayCache.

That's what i did with mine, before posting them.

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As christmas asked us to, the winner's bracket final game is organised and announced before so that anyone can come and spectate the game.

It will be played tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm GMT+1 (5pm GMT+2, 3pm GMT) (but in case that there is some unexpected stuff we reserve the right to play it on another time, we never know).
(be careful of daylight savings)

Also we agreed on special rules to play this match :
- One restart is available for each player for the whole series, that can be used before 3minutes of game time
- Civilisations are not repickable and will be chosen blindly for each game (so we pick our civilization without knowing which one our opponent chose)

EDIT: Those daylight savings are meh, to clarify it will be played at 4PM CEST (which seems to be GMT+2 currently actually)

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