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0 A.D. Champions Cup

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Would really appreciate if one of the players could post something here before their game.

Edit: New post instead of edit would prevent people not seeing the match fixtures.

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12 hours ago, PrincessChristmas said:

Your timezone shouldn't be a problem. With double elimination, there are 9 rounds so I'm hoping we will finish in 2-3 months. I wouldn't be able to delay the games for an extra 2-3 weeks. But anyway, Jofursloft signed up despite not being here for much of August. You can signup and perhaps everything will be okay but I can't promise we'll wait weeks for you. :)

Ok, please put me into the championship. i know I will definitely get the time with my other players to do this.

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Just now, Aerys Targaryen said:

It'll be great to have some commentary in the replays if we are posting them on youtube. It'll be attractive to new players that way, rather than just the match.

Chats too. The match had a lot of spectators and sometimes the chat itself is more fun than the match.

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19 minutes ago, coworotel said:

Maybe 1 month after this championship ends we could organize one of Delenda Est, and after one of Millennium A.D. to promote the mods? @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Lion.Kanzen

If there is some good guys recording some match.

@ValihrAnt or @psypherium  @superflytomor others guys. in the recording announces the tournament or shows the mods.

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13 hours ago, nani said:

RolandSC2 vs nani

1 Mainland:  nani won
2 Lake: RolandSC2 won
3 Oasis: RolandSC2 won

nani sad nani  nub

Can anyone please attach replays? Also it might be nice to have all the replays in the first post if that's not too much work.

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