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RANDOM MAP: Fert - King of the hill variant


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Sup community,

sharing random map  King of the Hill's style  I made for the kicks.



You must place the 3 files under "username/Documents/My Games/0ad/mods/public/maps/random"

Hope you try it out.

I will be in lobby, ping me!


Read suggestions. Added  paths. Less wood and fish. Updated. 



I think I will not touch it anymore. Maybe clean the code.

Thanks @elexis for guided tour.



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more typos. Updates. Cant make new posts.
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3 minutes ago, gaius said:

nani, if u dont mind i can put it in my mod so it is easier for you and Itms

Yes you can.

I don't mind it but wont the map be only then be playable with the mod activated?

Would be nice to be standalone.

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Nice work @nani Tower of Babel -esque. Fascinating manifestation you have come up with. Can't wait to try this out.

Shouldn't the water be accessible on both sides(not completely though)? Atleast 5/10% on the cliffed side of the water, a small sliver of land to have a buildable dock maybe? I guess it would defeat the purpose of what your intending too and wouldn't make much sense...

If you tower the cliff side of the water, they take out the fishing boats or even potentially the treelines? So, only catapult-ships will take out the towers?

Lastly, will certain players be greatly disadvantaged depending upon whether they will have to clear the forest before even being able to make the turn around the Hill?

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@Palaiologos indeed map was made to force players go up and fight there, but still, it is true that they can attack near enemies with ranged units.

I see what you're trying to say with the trees on the entrance, it can be a problem but most units can still pass inbetween and is not supposed to be perfectly  balanced.

Maybe I will tone down the  number of fish and trees though.

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6 minutes ago, nani said:

force players go up and fight there

Right. Very cool :)

6 minutes ago, nani said:

trees on the entrance

Yea, mostly meant just as a passability issue, sometimes (tropic/desert biome f.e.) you have it where units can't really pass in-between/through because the trees are bunched up too tightly is all.


13 minutes ago, nani said:

tone down the  number of fish

Not necessary, the player just won't utilize fishing as their primary source for food. How would you sabotage your opponents food supply? I guess it won't be necessary either if it's more of a race to the top...

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20 minutes ago, Palaiologos said:

@nani Where would this be for linux users? 0ad/binaries/data/public/maps/random ?

IIRC, you can just put the map files in ~/.local/share/0ad/mods/user/maps/random

/user/ would initially be an empty directory, you need to create the /maps/random yourself.

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You can create a path from the civic center to the entrance of the hill and have trees avoid that, thus ensuring that siege engines can pass. Probably too much fish. You can also pass 4 mines as an argument to to placePlayerBase function if you want to compensate missing or imbalanced random mines. There are some trees at slopes, they ought to be removed (otherwise you get units trying to reach them but never achieving that), it could be done with a SlopeConstraint if you don't know the affected positions computationally alread. The main problem with the map I see is that it may be too easy to defend once the hill is reached due to the elevation advantage and the length that enemies have to travel until they can start attacking. Changing that (by adding passages in between somewhere) changes the concept however, so might just leave it as is if you prefer. The other aspect is realism and historical accuracy, but I guess it's not intended to be that, so it should be fine (I'm a bit reluctant to add such maps to the main game however). Some g_Map.log() entries document the purpose of the for-loop blocks and also add timing information to the logfiles / commandline output. Math.PI*Math.pow(r,2) is diskArea(r). Replied to #5258, you just need a different special filter.

Code looks good, nice to see that you had no problems getting it touch with it!

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There should be a game mode for this. I guess it needs to be map specific as a central structure would be impossible on certain maps.

edit: I guess @nani ‘s post limit can be removed.

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3 hours ago, Hannibal_Barca said:

Units can still be unloaded unto the top of the cliffs via boats, players will have to watch out for a possible attack that they can't prevent due to not being able to train ships on that side

If it's wanted to prevent this issue, that can be done by having a really large cliff there

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New update.

Seeing like  the "hill" makes impossible a counter attack I toned down the height. Now is more like a hill and not a mountain. xd

Added special filter so that the units can not longer garrison inside the  wonder. 




Enjoy. Will be in the lobby.



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  • 3 weeks later...

This map is really good and we should hence probably have it in vanilla. I didn't look at the code yet, but here some improvements from the match I had played with you and from what I can see.

  • Forests way too dense (hard for units to pass). Most likely too many trees overall (danger of lag).
  • Random animals, mines, berries, actors, possibly bumps and hills missing
  • The paths end harshly (red arrow), the path should appear more organic.
  • It would make the map more traversable in strategically interesting ways if there was a small area just above water level near the cliffs (orange) where the player or his neighbor could build a dock, possibly gather some resources. The other side could be reached through shallows (green) and a small steep path to that mountain (black).
    • This path could be so small that only 1-2 units can pass at a time (possibly no siege engines).
    • This way it would be easy to defend but a possible attack through the backdoor if left unattended.
    • It would allow trade without going through the middle of the map (which will be most often unfeasible unless having won already).


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  • 2 weeks later...

Update: v 0.7.0

  • Added map preview to the maps
  • Made fert map with hill and another fert map with mountain 
  • Added shallows paths (good idea elexis)
  • improved terrain (now is smoother)
  • fixed paths going off road (used bezier curves)
  • added more decoration



Edited by nani
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  • 3 years later...

Me and @Jammyjamjamman fixed an error in fert_triggers.js yesterday and played Fert for the first time. It's a pretty cool map. :) Thanks for sharing it, @nani


Question though: It seems that the only way to capture the wonder is to build a CC near to it (units can't capture it). Is that intended?


Also, if a CC that is near it (and has therefore captured it) has been destroyed, ownership of the wonder doesn't revert back to Gaia... In effect, it seems like whoever captures the wonder first will win the game no matter what. Is there some code we could add that will make the wonder loses ownership in that case?


We had wonder option enabled and set to five minutes.


(This map is currently included with the community maps 2 mod)

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