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Fun 4v4


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team A : dizaka(gauls), bbgotbanned(Britons), palailogos(Ptolomy), darkodin(Romans)

team B: Prodim(Romans), Fleur(Britons), Servo(Iberia), Breakfast_burrito(Seleucid)

bbgotbanned team is a bit OP when it comes to strong players having Dizaka and Palailogos with him. Their 4th player is a bit new but can build armies and just maybe a bit lesser than Breakfast_burrito. My side with Prodim our strongest player is facing bbgotbanned on the front in the north and they kept BS with each other. Me and Fleur were pockets and breakfast burrito is facing a stronger Palailogos. Dizaka as pocket was leading everyone and built a CC near Prodims base. Me as Iberian tried to control the lake and kept raiding the beacheads but got behind in econ so I decided to P3 with lesser pop. The funny thing is Prodim and Fleur cant hold their front but we are also rolling on our front.




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