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1 minute ago, BeTe said:

What you mean by this? I haven't played original RA much, but OpenRA is quite simple to play, you can basically win by just spamming tanks and infantry and positioning properly. Or if you like more micro, you can go tech.

Flame units > Infantry

Rocket infantry > Mech (Tanks, APCs, etc.)

Tanks > Buildings and Bullet Infantry (you can run them over, lmao)

Pill Boxes > Infantry

Tanks > Pill Boxes

Howitzers > Buildings

Anything that moves > Howitzers

Bullet Infantry = Spam spambamman

Dogs > Heroes and Spies

Bullet Infantry > Dogs

Rocket Anything > Aerial Units

Lack of energy > Tesla towers, lmao

etc etc etc. and it was all very intuitive. My point is you didn't need a big UI in RA showing you 20 stats of each unit for you to figure out how to use the entities in the game and who they were good at killing. 

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Ancient Cities Comparison

  • :smilie_tux:Build your city through the ages with evolving gameplay
  • :smilie_tux:Simulated years, seasons, day cycles and weather
  • :smilie_tux:Simulated ecosystem where every plant and animal you see is growing, reproducing and dying
    Exploit and take care of it
  • :smilie_tux:Build your defenses to protect your city. Ancient times were harsh!
  • :smilie_tux:Organic city layouts let you plan and build your city in a realistic way
  • :smilie_tux:Wonders, including megaliths!
  • :smilie_tux:Very innovative technology system
  • :smilie_tux:Politics, religion, social classes and family structures
  • :smilie_tux:Every citizen's attributes, experience and knowledge are simulated.
    :idea:Each citizen has their own aspirations and decides how to live, where they work and if they come or leave the city.
  • :smilie_tux:Economy, resource management and production chains including clothing, tools, food, wares, etc...
  • :smilie_tux:Buildings and resources decay. No more bread lasting for years!

Migrations is something we currently lack, can achieve via UnitAI or HybridAI.

  • :idea:Simulated world context and migrations.
    :smilie_tux:Interact with other factions through trade and fighting.








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Developed and published by Juvly Worlds, Grimgrad is a strategy survival game. In this combat-free simulation, you are tasked with building a Slavic town during the Middle Ages on a grid-based map.

Grimgrad’s twist to the formula is the addition of Slavic gods and folklore that can affect gameplay. Appease the gods, and you’ll be rewarded. But, on the other hand, defy them and see all kinds of random events strike your settlement.

When you begin Grimgrad, you have a couple of options to choose from. First, a five-chapter story also acts as a tutorial, and there is an endless survival mode without specific goals. I started on the five-chapter story mode, and in each subsequent chapter, more gameplay opportunities opened up.

Also, the game itself becomes slightly more challenging. The tutorial keeps you on track, but I felt there was quite a bit of handholding from the tutorial, which is excellent for those players new to the genre. However, for experienced players like myself, I just wanted to get on with it and build.

The story in Gringrad is told in text-based still storyboards. As stories go, the storyline isn’t much different from the other survival simulation games I’ve played besides its Slavic theme. Something dire happens, and you have to rebuild seems to be the standard fare for survival games.

You witness the local village being burned down to the ground by the angry gods. Only young Jaromir, a direct descendent of the priestly line, manages to escape. Now Jaromir has to rebuild his village with the help of Semarglu, a fiery dog with wings, and protect the settlers and keep the gods happy.

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On 14/04/2023 at 2:53 PM, Genava55 said:

mixing RTS and FPS gameplay

seems like a very bad idea to me, I hope I'm wrong.

On 20/04/2023 at 2:01 AM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Looks very cool. The narration writing is... not strong.

mmmh humans colonizing planets and fighting arthropods, sure hope there's more.

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