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GLSL Crash


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Hello and thanks for the report. Disabling glsl and postprocessing should fix it.


>	ig8icd32.dll!6a81caa1()	Unknown	No symbols loaded.
 	[Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing, no symbols loaded for ig8icd32.dll]		Annotated Frame
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderProgramGLSL::Link() Line 380	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderProgramGLSL::Reload() Line 465	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderManager::NewProgram(const char * name, const CShaderDefines & baseDefines, std::shared_ptr<CShaderProgram> & program) Line 271	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderManager::LoadProgram(const char * name, const CShaderDefines & defines) Line 68	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderManager::NewEffect(const char * name, const CShaderDefines & baseDefines, std::shared_ptr<CShaderTechnique> & tech) Line 545	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderManager::LoadEffect(CStrIntern name, const CShaderDefines & defines1, const CShaderDefines & defines2) Line 369	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CShaderManager::LoadEffect(CStrIntern name) Line 351	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!SkyManager::RenderSky() Line 262	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CRenderer::RenderSubmissions(const CBoundingBoxAligned & waterScissor) Line 1526	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CRenderer::RenderScene(Scene & scene) Line 1885	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CGameView::Render() Line 489	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!Render() Line 228	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CGame::ReallyStartGame() Line 322	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!ProgressiveLoad() Line 233	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!Frame() Line 322	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!RunGameOrAtlas(int argc, const char * * argv) Line 581	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!SDL_main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 623	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!main_utf8(int argc, char * * argv) Line 126	C	Symbols loaded.
 	pyrogenesis.exe!wmain(int argc, unsigned short * * wargv, unsigned short * wenvp) Line 151	C	Symbols loaded.
 	[External Code]		Annotated Frame
 	pyrogenesis.exe!CallStartupWithinTryBlock() Line 364	C++	Symbols loaded.
 	kernel32.dll!75df495d()	Unknown	No symbols loaded.


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