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I got the idea of change the way the roman army look (animation speaking) and make it more refinated, more like an disciplinated army. The actual legionary use Ready variant and kinda look weird to me being them one of the most important unit of the Roman empire. My plan is to only change Walk/Idle (Maybe run?) with this:

  • Walk: Sword on the sheath



  • Idle: Not done yet but something like this


Actual legionary animations



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Here are the files for the weapon sheathed walk, in case of need i can make the shield on the floor animation or any other idle Also have the legion shoulders props for remove just delete the actor

Re-bake of the imp helmet:  

Posted Images

Regarding the idle and ready-to-fight animations. I've been watching the Metatron, and he's been harping that the Iconic Imperial Shield often rested on the shoulder, or at least on the side; its full weight is not being carried by the hand.

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16 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Actually, @Alexandermb, I think Testudo animations would be good to work on too. They currently have none.


And then some intrepid programmer can code formation bonuses. ;) Right now, all formations can do is alter movement rates. Not sure why whoever it was stopped there.

Why not, they are very easy to make being something famous and just some idles/walking animations with shield raised the most hard to do is start from 0 like the siege weapons animations or the horse.

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Also i couldn't avoid look that some weapons have variants with some blood MAYBE with a carefull look it could be changed to weapons whitout blood while idle and use the bloody variant while in combat 

"<variant name="idle" frequency="1">"
       <prop actor="props/units/weapons/WEAPON CLEAN.xml" attachpoint="weapon_R"/>

"<variant name="Attack_Melee" frequency="1">"
       <prop actor="props/units/weapons/WEAPON BLOOD.xml" attachpoint="weapon_R"/>

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