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[Tutorial - how to make a map] Antioch

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Hi all, 

This is my first tutorial, for this test case, i will use Antioch references, like this one 



First at all,

Lets create a heightmap, but that's out of the scope so we will use the one i did messing with the image above



2. Smooth & flat the land as you wish, the idea it's that the water height creates the area of the water that is surrounding the little island. But when you flat the land, pay attention to the island, it has to be flat enough.
3. The faction used on this map, is the Seleucids, so start placing some buildings around the island, mostly fitting the image as reference. Of course, the island will be walled, so don't forget the walls, plus paint some roads so you can guide the shape of the city



4. Finish it! Add some details! and Voila!!






Hope you guys like my tutorial! Thanks for watching

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