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How to make a tiled map like the one used in Age of Empires 1 and 2

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So, this game started out as an age of empires modification. I got that info from Wikipedia. Could you help me make an age of empires like map? That is all I would need to get started. I DO NOT WANT TO KEEP MODIFYING THIS GAME! I WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING BY MYSELF!!! No Unity, no Unreal Engine, just cold, hard C++, C, Opengl, and SDL2!! Please just tell me how to create a map. I have used c++ for a year and a half and java for 3 years. I do, indeed have a Java RTS engine that I made that does have a variation of the A* algorithm. It also has sort of an attacking AI, but the rays do not work. In this case, I was using ThinMatrix’s 3D graphics tutorials on YouTube. I could not find any sources to fix it, so I started going for a 2D start, where my mouse coordinates have an x and y coord on the screen and I can make it match easier with a sprite. 


“So, rjhwinner03, what are you asking?” 


I want to just have a tile based, textured quad that I could put units on, just like the one for AOE2, or at least the open source version called OpenAGE. 

I want nothing more than just the tile based map in OpenGL, C++, C, and SDL. Any one of these will work, I just want good results. 

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22 minutes ago, rjhwinner03 said:

Sir, you are a lifesaver, I will do my best to like every comment you post from now on! Can I become part of the developing team?

It's nice that you show interest, but as every other mortal has to, you should start with this:



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5 hours ago, rjhwinner03 said:

I have also used HTML and JavaScript for about a year, so if I could help with that or the c++ programming. But if not, that will be ok!

Most of the GUI and game play elements are JavaScript while the units are defined using XML not HTML for modding purposes that's all you need that and a real text editor if your on Windows download Notepad++ as it has a good syntax checking for a large selection of programming languages if your on Linux then usually the default text editor will do as for the Mac I'm not familiar with that eco system.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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