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===[COMMITTED]=== The next big thing : Helmets


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Hey everyone, I'm planning to commit all the helmets that have been rotting around the forums for a few years now, but I'm not sure what helmet should be used for what. So I need some backup. I'm gonna list all the helmets here and try to figure out, which should go where.












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Hey @Lion.Kanzen,

Thanks for the images, however

Do you mind keeping the references for other threads, as the goal of this one is to get stuff commited and used for A23 not adding new stuff. Basically what I need is to know what helmet should go to whom, for instance the boeotian for let's say mace_cavalry_spearman_a.xml etc.

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7 hours ago, LordGood said:

I'll say a few of those helmets look a little too close-fitting, maybe those longer horsehair plumes should fall flat on the helmet. I also think the phyrgian beard should sweep out a bit

I agree, and some of the helms don't sit naturally on the heads. Some of the helms have odd geometry and the textures are strangely grainy.

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I like the boeotian, phrygian, pilos, and corinthian helmets, and the colored thracian (?) ones. I'm not particularly good at categorizing these helmets lol

@wowgetoffyourcellphone We were thinking you could give us a point or two assigning distinct helmet types to different units, keeping helmet types homogenized within a troop class will help with recognition. I was thinking boeotian helmets for cavalry and cheekless pilos for archers, but apart from that we don't want to slap the wrong helmet on the wrong dudes, especially if we're homogenizing helmet/troop types.

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Now we need to assign names to those helmets will be useful for the file naming scheme. I'll edit the first post accordingly

  1. sele_hero_seleucus_nikator
  2. hele_boeotian_a
  3. hele_boeotian_b
  4. hele_calcidean_a
  5. hele_calcidean_b
  6. hele_pilos_a
  7. hele_pilos_b
  8. sele_officer_a
  9. sele_officer_b
  10. sele_officer_c
  11. sele_officer_d
  12. sele_officer_e
  13. sele_officer_f
  14. sele_officer_g
  15. hele_hoplite_crest
  16. sele_agema_a
  17. sele_agema_b
  18. sele_agema_c
  19. thrac_cap_a
  20. thrac_cap_b
  21. thrac_cap_c
  22. thrac_cap_d
  23. thrac_cap_e
  24. thrac_phrygian


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4- 5- Infantry of successors and macedonians, good for heavy archers, and mêlée infantry. even some cavalry.


By the time of Alexander the Great, the helmet was still worn by armoured soldiers, especially Hoplites, the spear-armed heavy infantrymen (other than those of the Spartans, who instead wore the much plainer pilos helmet). It is likely that some of the Macedonian soldiers who ruled the rest of Greece and went on to forge a substantial Hellenistic empire also wore the Chalcidian helmet. The helmet is thought to have developed in turn into the Attic helmet which is iconic of classical soldiers.



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11 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

I agree, and some of the helms don't sit naturally on the heads. Some of the helms have odd geometry and the textures are strangely grainy.

What are the colored helmets supposed to be made of btw ? Were they painted or was it some special bronze-like alloy ?

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@LordGood @wowgetoffyourcellphone @wackyserious

Here are all the files, ready to use.
To see the new helmets in atlas go to actors (all) and type  helmets (Illyrian hasn't been remade yet)
All helmets are made to be on the head prop point, if you need to be able to put it on the helmet prop point, I can try, but I'm not sure how much I should tweak them.
If you feel like editing some textures, go ahead.

Notice the improved armor texture, I'll commit it sooner or later.



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