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(ROTE) ===Chin Shoushe Animated===


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Found the bug of the atlas and maybe the bug i saw with the horse last time

I made the shoushe skeleton with the same skeleton i used for the gastraphetes with a few modifications, but i had both mods activated (i've made the a mod separated for easy handle the shoushe like the gastraphetes) then it says everytime the same error "vertex by unknow bone" but then i deactivated the greek gastraphetes mod, and leaved the shoushe activated and worked, maybe the skeletons both XML/DAE can't be similar or it will crash.

Working without gastraphetes activated



With Gastraphetes





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Just now, Alexandermb said:

i started the trebuchet from 0 and has a lot of bones btw using the same skeleton works too, when i said they can't be similar i mean they can't be modified, they need to be made from 0.

Yes, from 0.

I think I was misremembering. I think the trebuchet works, but screws up the crocodile skeleton.

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1 hour ago, stanislas69 said:

@av93 Because I can't commit ,:P

Yeah I know. When I write in my phone, I tend to skip words or make more orthographic errors. But the intention in this phrase was to have the work has subject, not you.

So I don't know why Enrique or Loordgood haven't committed your work. Even as a placeholder.

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