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===[COMMITTED]=== Gastraphetes

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9 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

Alpha 23 @wowgetoffyourcellphone i didn't do anything just have the gastraphetes mod + siege weapons animations and nothings happens


I have these skeletons in DE. Could any of them interfere?


BTW, @stanislas69: Why aren't your new bows in the core game yet? :) So much good stuff scattered on this forum. Such a waste. Your bows, the goat someone did, zebu, etc. 






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Everything you mentioned but in alpha 22 since i don't have the alpha 23 delenda est and being just art/actors files shouldn't make difference the alpha unless there's some change on the collada engine no one seems to conflict, maybe you need to delete the whole gastraphetes files you have (any one if there's some scattered around) and use the latest zip, that is my only idea about why it fails, same as the shoushe, try delete the shoushe+gastraphetes and install the latest file.


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The boeotian helmet mesh is exported at the wrong position. In the actor it rests at the head prop point. If you change that to helmet prop point it's all screwed up.This isn't a problem for the gastraphetes who will never remove the helmet in a normal game, but if you want to use that mesh for other units/helmet actors, then the mesh will need to be scaled/repositioned. LUCKILY I ALREADY DID THAT FOR YOU. ;)  It was a btch getting this right because at first I didn't know what was happening when I saw it goofed up on the heads of other units. 


Rename it to hele_boeotian so it doesn't overwrite the current hele_helmet_t


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